Sunday, November 12, 2017


This is my daughter. She's twelve.

She loves her family, her dog, playing volleyball and texting her friends on the phone I finally agreed to get her when she started middle school this year. 

She is smart and funny. Tender hearted and one of the kindest kids you'll ever meet. 

She was recently in an argument with a friend to whom she loaned $5 for an ice cream. Expecting her friend to pay her back in a timely manner was a focal point of her life for several weeks because she insisted it was "just the right thing to do."

She's twelve. 

A lot of things can happen in two years: 

The gestation period of an elephant is 18-22 months, the spiny dogfish shark will carry her baby for 24.

The earth will revolve around the sun, twice. 

Mars will be thisclose to making its journey around the sun, once. 

What CAN'T happen in 2 years? A 12 year old becoming mature enough to date, be courted by or touched sexually by a 32 year old man. 

My daughter is twelve. Just 2 years younger than Leigh Corfman, the girl who Roy Moore made sexual contact with when she was 14. 

Roy Moore at the time was an officer of the court, a prosecutor whose job it was to go after the people who molested children.  

Is he the first man to sexually assault a minor? Of course not. Will he be the last? Sadly, no. But he is asking you, the state of Alabama to turn a blind eye to his behavior. 

This is not an evil plot that was set into motion decades ago by the liberal media. This is not a witch hunt led by the liberal media with tiki torches, hell bent on wrecking Moore's career. This is about a man, a human who abused a child. A man who was old enough to know better and old enough to be responsible for his actions. 

This is not about politics or religion. This is about morals. Right from wrong. This is about telling our children... our daughters, that we will not tolerate people who do these vile things to them and we will not reward them just because they have an (R) or a (D) beside their name on a ballot or because they happen to be the star of your favorite television show or movie.

To endorse him is to say that in 2 years you would be OK with someone molesting my daughter too. To endorse him is to say that you're ok with 1 out of 5 girls being sexually assaulted. 
To endorse him with your vote is to say it's ok for a pedophile to represent you, to represent the State of Alabama. 
To endorse him with your vote is saying that you will cast morals aside to vote party lines. 

If this was your child's teacher or coach what would you do? Endorse them for a promotion to become the Principal or the school Superintendent? If this was an attorney at your law firm, would you be in favor of them making Partner. Would you expect the CEO of a big corporation to step down, much like the Hollywood Actors who have recently admitted to similar behavior? They lost their shows, their movies, their endorsement deals... And I'm going to make an educated guess that many people who are still in the "Moore Court" feel that Hollywood yanking the livelihood away from these actors was justified, and maybe not even harsh enough. 

This is my daughter. She's Twelve.

I'm not alright with our society saying it's ok for her to be taken advantage of by anyone in a position of power or otherwise. And you shouldn't be either.

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