Thursday, May 09, 2013

Why I'm Not Mad at Abercrombie Guy

I haven't shopped at an Abercrombie store in years. For a couple of reasons. Just walking past the store in our mall and inhaling the mix of fragrances wafting from the dark elusive entryway gives me a headache and reminds me of a storyline out of some YA Fiction novel waiting to happen. And mostly because... I'm not their demographic.

As I sift through all of the blog posts and articles regarding the recent comments made by the Abercrombie and Fitch CEO, I feel like I should probably be as pissed off about his comments as everyone else seems to be. After all, I am a Mother to three daughters.

I'm a Mother trying to raise those three daughters to be strong, self confident and smart. I'm a Mother trying to raise her daughters to understand that "Beautiful" does not equal skinny or tall. It does not equal having blemish free skin and frizz free hair.

I'm a Mother trying to instill in my daughters, kindness and compassion and the ability to see past what's on the outside, to see what people are on the inside.

So, as I read about him marketing his clothing to "thin, beautiful people" the "cool kids" not the "Fat Chicks" you would think I would shake my fist and call for a boycott of his stores. I should scream that he is what is wrong with our society and the war we fight to keep our daughters self esteem in tact. The war we fight to keep them young, innocent and pure, in a world that seems to be wanting them to grow up too fast. 

But I can't.

What I can do is shake my head and agree that his comments are a douchey thing to say. His words are unkind, but so are the comments I'm reading regarding his looks. We're fighting unkind words with more unkind words. What kind of lesson is that teaching our children? Are we telling them it's ok to make fun of his looks because he attacked overweight people first?

Kind of sounds like it to me.

What you have to remember is this CEO's job is to sell clothes. He's found a niche market that is making him money. Just like the stores that cater to Plus Size Women and the Big and Tall Men.

For that, I can't fault him.

If you don't like it, don't shop there. But all you're doing by attacking him and re-posting his unkind words is giving him a voice and making his product more desirable for the people who can actually shop there.

At some point, we the parents, have to step up and take responsibility for our children and the way they're raised, regardless of outside influences. There are going to be big, bad outside influences around every turn, and it's our job to teach them how to deal with those, to know when a celebrity or CEO peddling tiny clothes, says something unkind, it doesn't make it true. You are giving his words power.

As the Mother of 3 BEAUTIFUL, FUNNY, SMART, AMAZING Daughters, I hope to instill in my girls the ability to be comfortable in their own skin, to look the other way on things that are marketing ploys and to be able to distinguish the asshats from the good guys.

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Jeff Vreeland said...

Bravo Angie. Could not have expressed it any better.