Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Three Kids, And Still A Rookie Sometimes.

I woke up yesterday feeling like ass. Like I had strep throat, the flu and a sinus infection. As you well know, being a Mom gives us little to no sick days, so I muddled through, feeling worse as the day worn on.

After the girls ate dinner, I sent them to the living room to play so I could clean up. I was looking forward to putting myself into a Cold Medicine Induced Coma, and chasing it with 10 hours of sleep, when we heard a loud "Crack" from the other room.

Followed by wailing.

The Husband rushed to see which child collided with which piece of furniture. He came running back in the kitchen carrying "Mary Kate" who had what appeared to be a dent in her forehead.

Trying to remain calm, I went through what little I know about head injuries and realized that all I know is: "Better Out Than In, They Always Say.." While I'm certain that is a line from Shrek regarding his farting and burping habits, I was pretty sure that it applied to knots and dents on kids heads, too.

The husband starting going through what he knows about concussions. Dilated eyes, Vomiting, Dizziness, Drowsy... Which, having happened at bedtime freaked us out even more because she kept saying she was tired.

We iced, we watched, we waited, debated and googled.

We have girls. Outside of kidney issues when "Mary Kate" was a newborn, our experience with the ER and injuries is limited, having only been there once when "Ashley" who normally looks like this:

Swelled up like Will Smith in Hitch and looked like this on Easter Morning:

Sidebar: Turns out it was a wasted trip as the Dr. thought she had an infection of some sort. (With absolutely NO other symptoms, I might add.) I still think it was something she ate or came in contact with. 

Anyway, head injuries and breathing issues scare the shiz out of me. After about an hour and a half of watching her for any symptoms, the dent seemed to be replaced with a more normal goose egg type of bump. So we decided to skip the ER in favor of letting her sleep in our bed and waking her up several times.

Bye Bye Cold Medicine Coma. Womp Womp.

She was as fine as one can be, being rudely awakened and asked a bunch of questions at 2am. She appears completely normal now, although I did make a peace of mind call to the Pediatrician today, who suggested we keep an eye on her for another 24 hours, since we didn't see the fall and couldn't really judge how hard she hit.

Concussion Watch 2013 continues, as I continue to be reminded, that as a parent, every single day is a new adventure. Some roads I will have traveled, and some I will be pushed down unexpectedly, without a map.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So Flippin' Proud

I absolutely *heart* my tiny humans.  They never cease to amaze me.

My sweet Munchkin started Swim Team back in August. She didn't know the proper strokes and had never even heard of the Butterfly. Within a couple of weeks she had learned them all and could swim most of them properly.

Over spring break the coaches decided to start teaching the kids how to flip turn. Munchkin was excited at first and went for it without a second thought. After several hard tries, she got too close on a flip and scraped her shoulder down the wall. From then on, she was hesitant and scared.

Every day in practice the Coach would yell:

"Closer, Munchkin!"
"You have to get closer to the wall.."
"Kiss the wall, Munchkin! Kiss the wall"

And every day she would come up short.

This past weekend we attended our first meet, on the road. I knew ahead of time that the Munchkin was signed up to swim her first 50 in freestyle. This meant the opportunity for a flip turn. In a meet.

I explained to her that not all swimmers flip turn and if she wasn't comfortable, she didn't have to. But it would be great if she would just try. She was confident when she assured me she wanted to do it.

Since this was our first 50, we didn't have a time to beat and we would come to learn that she (at 7 years old) was set to swim against two, 16 year olds in that heat. I have no idea why.

We told her that she was going to be swimming against some big girls and not to pay attention to the other lanes. To concentrate only on her lane, her turn and getting a time in this stroke.

When she got up on the block next to the 16 year old, the officials pulled her down thinking something was wrong with the line up. After the coaches assured them that she was in this heat, they took their marks and this is how she did:

She executed her turn perfectly. In my haste to not be caught on my own camera blubbering and crying with tears of pride and joy, I turned the camera off and didn't capture the moment where the "Big" girls gave her high fives and her coach (who you can hear in the background of the video the entire time) came and scooped her up in a big bear hug.

She didn't win this heat, but I couldn't have been more proud.

I *heart* my tiny humans.