Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pay it Forward... or Backward

Tis' the Season for giving. I like it. Not just the getting part, but giving makes me happy too.

The smallest of things are great examples, like using the extra change in my console to drop in the red Salvation Army kettles or watching my kids get excited about doing it for me. We've bought toys for kids in need and dropped those off, in hopes of teaching my Children a lesson in giving and just as importantly, helping make Christmas morning happy for someone who isn't as fortunate as we are.

Over the past month or so I've been the recipient of several random drive thru giving sprees, having the car in front of me buy my coffee or in 2 separate cases,  pick up my bill for lunch in the drive thru when I had just ordered 3 kids meals. Each time it surprises me. The fact that some stranger would buy a meal (or 3) for a person they can only see in their rear view mirror.  

The first time it happened I was so shocked I didn't think fast enough to "Pay it Backwards" but after that time, I knew that I needed to at some point. So the next day at Starbucks I bought the coffee for the car behind me. I smiled thinking about the reaction on their face as I drove away.

I was caught up in a multi-car giving spree one day at the coffee shop, The person in front of me buying mine, me buying the one behind.. The girl working the window said I was about the 5th one in the chain and sometimes they just get on a roll... Since that day, I've decided that at least once a week I'm going to buy coffee for the car behind me in hopes of being the start of the chain.

So next time you're in line at the drive thru (or anywhere really) I encourage you to pick up the tab for someone behind you. You'll be amazed at how happy it will make you feel.

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