Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Truth. Dare. Hell. No.

My seven year old came home yesterday excited to tell me about a new game she played with her friends at school. When I asked and she replied "Truth or Dare, have you heard of it?" I stopped dead in my tracks, knowing this was one of those subjects I was going to need to explore, but didn't want to. All of the worst possible scenarios started rushing through my brain. Don't act like you don't know.

I started asking questions, treading very lightly as to not make her clam up. At the first sign or feeling that she's getting in trouble for something, she shuts down and begins to modify her stories. She's going to make a great teenager.

So I asked, (nonchalantly of course)

"Oh yeah? Who did you play with?"  Please don't say older boys on the playground..

"I've heard of that game, what kind of things were your truths..." Meh. How many skeletons can she possibly have, I'm more concerned with the dares at this point...

"Did anyone dare you? What was the dare..." Please say you ate a booger...

Oh! They dared you to walk across a balance beam? Ok.

She must have noticed the relief in my voice because then she stopped, looked at me and asked:

"Why? Isn't that how you used to play it?"

My reply?  "Oh yes. Absolutely. Exactly like we used to play it."

So. Sue me.

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