Friday, October 19, 2012

If You Don't Like It, Delete It.

The twins get nosebleeds. A lot. A while back when we were having a pretty tough run with one or both of them getting nose bleeds just about every night, I implemented a rule that they could only have 5 things in their beds. 5 pillows, 5 stuffed animals, 5 babies or a combination of the 3, as long as they had no more than 5. Changing the sheets everyday is bad enough when you aren't having to wade through 37 things on each bed.

While putting sheets back on the bed yesterday, I realized things had accumulated again. In a fit of frustration trying to work around her stash, I asked "Mary Kate" what happened to our rule of 5? Out of the blue "Ashley" wandered in and joined the conversation.

Me to Mary Kate: "What happened to our rule of only 5 things on the bed?"

Mary Kate: *Silent* *Blink Blink*

Ashley: "What? That Rule? We deleted it."

Me: "You deleted it, huh?"

Ashley: "Uh-Huh. We didn't like it, so we deleted it"

Me: "Is that so?"

Ashley: "Yup..... Deleted."

Mary Kate: " *Sigh* Now, can you put my animals back on my bed?"

If only it were that easy to do away with the things I don't like!

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Rachel said...

So THAT'S what keeps happening to the rules around here...