Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fasten Your Seatbelts...

Whew! The first couple of days of first grade is under our belt and the Munchkin is in heaven. She loves her teacher and in addition to meeting some new friends, she is able to spend some time with her BFF's from last year.

A month or so ago the husband and I had a conversation with her about what after school/extra curricular activity she would like to do (while gently guiding her away from all things cheer and gymnastics. No offense but the thought of sitting through that several days a week makes me want to gouge my eyes with something sharp... or dull. Either way. Gouge my eyes.) She settled on swim team. I'm thrilled. She loves the water, it's something we can all be interested in and it's something she could actually do long term, if she likes it. Unlike gymnastics.

This week they are doing evaluations and it's every day after school. Not only have we been thrown into the reality of getting up and out every morning by 7:45, but now right after school we're changing, snacking and heading to the pool. Nothing like diving right in.. Ha!

Tonight, I accidentally put the twinlets to bed at 6:00, instead of 7:00. They were so tired at the dinner table I assumed it was later than it actually was. They didn't fight me, and were both asleep within 10 minutes. Poor little puppies aren't used to such a busy schedule.

Neither is Mommy.

Poolside Nap. It's tough being the little sister.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Summer. Day 73

Play in the sprinkler. Seems like such a simple thing, yet it's taken us until day 73 to mark this from our bucket list.

Minus the 7,364 bugs bites we got while playing outside, a great time was had by all!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

This is another one of those posts that could have lots of names, it's also one I'm not really sure how to start.

While out running a quick errand last night, I was praising the girls for having played upstairs by themselves without fighting for more than 4 minutes 2 seconds. After having to go up a couple of times to get them settled, I got lost in doing some work. I would hear an occasional door slam or burst of giggles, but for the most part, they were quiet. As I look back on it now I realize it was probably too quite to have meant they were up to anything good.

So, back to the car ride. While praising them and asking them what they were playing upstairs, "Ashley" offers up something about the Munchkin getting the diamonds out of their butts. Whatever she said about this game just before and just after, got lost somewhere when I heard that thing about "diamonds and butts."

The Munchkin started shushing "Ashley" and if that's not a sure sign of something amiss, I don't know what is.. The conversation that followed went something like this...

Me: Diamonds in your bottom? What do you mean by diamonds?

Girls: Those little round things...

Me: What Round Things

Girls: Those things from the craft room that look like diamonds, blue diamonds.

Me: The blue sequins?

Girls: Yes

Me: Um.. Well...  In your bottom?

Girls: Yes

Me: Why would you put those in your bottom?

Ahsley: We didn't, Munchkin did

Munchkin: I DID NOT! I'm closing this conversation

Me: You don't close conversations, I do and I still need to know what is going on with these diamonds. Are they in your bottom now?

Girls: No

Ashley: Munchkin got them out

Munchkin: I DID NOT! I'm really done talking about this.

MaryKate: They might still be there, but I think they're not.

Me: Ok.. So where are these diamonds now?

Girls: In the Playroom...

Me: * Fighting the urge to cry or laugh or both, I passed them the bottle of Purell*

After arriving home and doing some investigating, I learned that the diamonds were not in fact sequins, they were clear decorative stones they found from some abandoned craft project. I also learned, thankfully that they didn't put them in their butt, but instead in their pants.

The game they were playing was "Poop Mail." They would "poop" a diamond into a piece of paper and deliver it through the mail slot on the Huge Playhouse in the playroom. There were probably 35 pieces of "mail" that had been delivered to that address.

Yeah. So how was your day?