Monday, July 09, 2012

Summer Fun On the Road and a Lesson Learned

We recently took a little trip up to see my sister in Lexington, it was on our list of things to do this summer, so it was a must. Plus I always look for a chance to see my sister!

On our trip we were able to really work our way through the bucket list. My children also learned a valuable lesson. The definition of "technicality."

Items we marked off:

Zoo - We took them to one of the best in the country. The Columbus Zoo
Ice Cream - Jeni's Spendid
Cupcake - Yum!
Hiking - McConnell Springs
Road Trip - Did it..
See MiMi and Jason - Check
Picnic - For Breakfast
Catch Fireflies - Only Killed One

And the pinnacle of our entire Summer Bucket List (and Lesson on the Definition of Technicality)


I'm guessing they will be a little more specific when creating our list for next summer.

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Rachel said...

You're the most awesome Mom in the world. Good job on that one!!