Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Magic Mike: Not a good Movie. Not the Point

Thank you Sir, May I have another.
Last night we finally had the chance to check out the much hyped movie, Magic Mike.

All weekend I've watched status updates on Facebook of friends who had been. I had overheard conversations EVERYWHERE I went about THE movie.  In one conversation I heard at the mall, one lady was trying to explain to her customer how "good" it was, although it was a bit racy. Ya' Think?

2 things.

First. Between this movie and the hype over 50 Shades of Grey, I'm beginning to think that we, as women have been sexually repressed for a very long time. But that is another post for another day.

Second. What I keep hearing and reading is: "Was it Good?" Please stop asking that question. You're missing the point.

We didn't go see the movie for the riveting plot line. We went to see hot actors strip.


And in my ever so humble opinion, there wasn't enough of that because the directors felt that as women, we would want a plot. So, their feeble attempt to weave in a love story combined with the stripper brother spiraling out of control ended up taking away from the purpose of the movie.

To see hot actors strip.

So in answer to that question, "Was it good?"


Did I enjoy it?

You bet your Elephant Thong, I did.

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Jamie B said...

Overheard as I walked out from one older woman to another - "I'll see you at church!" followed by a hearty cackle.

Cheers to Magic Mike! And Firemen costumes.