Thursday, July 19, 2012


While getting ready this morning I had a conversation with one of the twinlets (Ashley to be exact) regarding boobies. Mine and hers.

Twinlet: "Mommy, you have big boobies"

Me: "Yeah well, it's all relative. And I'm a grown up."

Twinlet: "Well, when I get 17, I'm going to have Big O' Boobies"

Me: "17?"

Twinlet: "Uh Huh. 17 is when I'm a grown up. My Boobies will be bigger than yours. They'll be like this.... *motions to porn size boobs with her hands*

Twinlet: "When I'm 17.. a grown up" *shrugs*

Me: *Went ahead and locked her in the closet*

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Awesome. Just ... awesome. Let's hope she doesn't find out about plastic surgery anytime soon...