Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer. Days 10 - 15

Whew! This whole summer bucket list thing is wearing me out. Last week we had a crazy busy week where we marked things off left and right!

Day 10 - We kicked the week off with a sleepover in Mommy and Daddy's room. 

Day 11 - Library. We spent 2 hours at the library playing and reading books. Check.

Day 12 - McWane, where we were able to mark off gift shop and buy a new toy. I love to multi-task. The new Dora and Diego exhibit is great and we even stopped by to check out the new summer science studio. The Junior league of Birmingham is staffing it, and in making small talk with the girls one of the ladies asked them if they had ever been to McWane before.. To which the Munchkin looked appalled and replied.. "Uh, Yeah. My picture is on the side of the building." Duh!

She's not lying.

Day 13 - We picked strawberries. A first for me and the girls, and we had an absolute blast. It's pretty near the end of the season and my strawberries didn't fare so well after about a day, but it was worth the money on the experience alone, highly recommend this!

Day 14 - Movies - Gotta love the free and discounted movies that come along with summertime!

Day 15 - Took us back to the pool, but after a week that full, a little more fun in the sun and water was a welcome activity!

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