Thursday, June 07, 2012


Today started out great. I woke up a little short on patience, but we had a fun day planned with Oma and were marking things off of our bucket list, so I put on my patience hat and pressed on.

The movie was great, so great that I decided it would be a great day to take the kids for a hair cut. They were all overdue, and the thought of spending one more night brushing through the tangles in their hair after a day at the pool, was enough to make me want shave them all bald.

Our usual guy wasn't there, which was to be expected since I was so spur of the moment. I let a girl with flaming red hair and top of the foot tattoos have at them. No longer caring so much about f'ing up the twins curls. Desperate Times, people.

While the Munchkin was in the hot seat, "Mary Kate" was perusing the OPI display, completely sucked in by the pretty colors. I told her (per usual) "Look, Don't Touch!" She, agreed. (also, per usual.)

While I was watching the girl cut Munchkin's hair, I failed to realize that the one "Looking" at the nail polish had started "Touching" the nail polish.. She also began "Spinning" the nail polish. So fast, in fact that they spun right off the display, along with one of the shelves, into a huge OPI Atomic Orange mess, All. Over. Everything. The floor. The counters. The rest of the display. All of the things that fell off of the display. All of the un-broken bottles from the display. Me. You name it. It was covered.

As I relentlessly wiped and scrubbed the polish off the floor (to no avail,) all I could think of was how this $45 dollar set of hair cuts was now going to cost a fortune in OPI nail polish and clean up.  The funds for "My Moms Night Out Dinner" was in jeopardy. And as you can so clearly see, not something I could afford to give up.

Once the polish settled, so to speak, it appeared that only one bottle broke, and the shelf was fixable, enough. With my sense of humor and my girls charm and sheer cuteness, we managed to get out of there with nothing more than a big tip.

Which is good because I was prepared to trade the child.

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