Monday, June 18, 2012


When it comes to sleeping late, my kids just don't. The Munchkin would, but her sisters pretty much keep that from happening with the noise they make or the flat out walking in her room and jumping on her.

On Saturday, we had a busy day. We were up early for breakfast with the Father In Law, ran a couple of errands, came home and cleaned out the garage, then got ready for a party we were attending. The girls were especially hyper all day, and didn't nap.

We arrived at the party around 5:30pm and there was a massive bounce house. Perfect. Awesome. Thank You.

I was actually able to sit, have a drink and talk with other adults, all the while thinking they would play and exhaust themselves so much, they would actually sleep late the next morning.... Right. 

Here's your math equation -

5 Hours of Bouncing in a bounce house
Minus a Nap
Plus getting home at 11pm
Equals -  ONLY 45 extra minutes of sleep the next morning.

Somehow, that math does not add up. 

It did however result in a kick ass nap on Sunday, and if you're among the brave, you could try to double down and skip that nap in hopes of rolling that extra sleep over to the next morning. I'm not much of a gambler and decided to take the long nap.

It looks like 7:30am is going to have to qualify as "sleep late" on our bucket list.

FYI - They were up at 5:40am this morning. Who ARE these children?

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