Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer. Day 7

This could easily be labeled the "Day of Summer Fun that Almost Wasn't."

After promising and pumping the girls up for a movie date this morning, I realized that I got my dates wrong and was looking ahead by a week. Not very comforting when considering it's my job to know what's going on in Birmingham and when.

After sighs and "Awww Mom's" I offered up the McWane Center as a replacement, which was of course received with Cheers all around. Yay, Me. Plus it's on our bucket list, so we were still going to be able to mark something off.

Fast forward one hour, we're dressed, and walking into McWane, excited to play animal rescuer in the New Dora and Diego Exhibit.

Fast forward 30 minutes more, and you would see me noticing that my child was doing a very urgent Potty Dance, while refusing to relinquish control of Baby Jaguar. As it sunk in that she would rather pee in her pants than hand over that stuffed animal, I saw the pee start trickling down her leg. I grabbed her up, yelled for the other 2, while flipping her legs up to stop the pee from hitting the floor and closing down the exhibit.. You're welcome.

Unfortunately, staying wasn't an option. We packed it up (ever so thankful for a membership!) and headed home.

We cleaned up, changed clothes and consulted the Summer Bucket List for something else to do. After explaining (again) that we would not be riding a dolphin today, I did what every good Mommy would have done and picked an activity that happened to be 2 minuets from a Starbucks.

After a "coffee drink" for Mommy, we had a great time playing at Wald Park - all was not lost.

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