Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Bucket List - Rejects

Something I had been thinking about for a while was creating a bucket list of fun things we wanted to do over the summer - this year we finally did it!

While our list is full of fun (pool, McWane Center, Visit Mimi in Kentucky) and mostly practical things to do, a few things did get added that I know I will never make good on (ride a dolphin, Lady Gaga concert, New ipods for everyone...) In my defense, I was very clear on those and should have probably, in hindsight added and asterisk to those items and had the kids sign in blood that they understood those things were super hard to accomplish, and would be very costly if we did.

I would also like to note that "Mary Kate" had been giving the a combination stink eye/foot stomping/huffing attitude for 24 hours prior to making this list, all because I told her she couldn't go to see Lady Gaga sing on a stage.

While these "practical" items are great, the best ones didn't even make the list, for several reasons. I'm sure you'll be able to guess why. Here is a list of the rejects from this summer's bucket list.

1. Buy a live pony for the backyard
2. Meet the real Harry Potter
3. "Get" a baby sister
4. Go to Bella and Edwards House (I have no idea where they come up with this stuff)
5. Get a pet of ANY kind
6. Visit President Obama at his house, while he's home.
7. Ride on a Spaceship
8. Have a Snowball Fight/Build a Snowman

My children have a great imagination, I on the other hand have a lot of arrangements to make - if anyone comes across a local place offering free dolphin rides, hit me up. That would be the pinnacle of our summer list!

Happy Summer to You All!

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