Thursday, February 09, 2012

When I'm the Boss of Me.

We always play around with the girls telling them they have to listen to us because "we're the boss," and when they grow up, they will be their own boss and can do whatever they want.

This typically leads to a long conversation about all of the things they will be able to do when they are the boss of themselves.

Earlier this week, "Mary Kate" was quite curious of what her freedom would be like as a grown up. So she bombarded me with scenarios... It ended by melting my heart.

When I'm the Boss of me:

Will I be able to jump on the bed?


Stay up as late as I want?

Yes, Ma'am.

Watch cartoons ALL Day?

If you want to.

Eat Candy anytime?


Can I drink out of any cup I want to, like my princess cup?

Any cup you want.

But, Mommy? I can't reach the cups....

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