Sunday, February 12, 2012


After an 8 month hiatus and 2 weeks of not losing a single effing pound, I decided that it was time to climb back up on the saddle again and get to a spin class.

I've got a great spinning partner. One that I had not actually seen in a while, but over lunch a few weeks ago we reconnected and starting reminising about the great spin classes we used to do, back when we worked together and before I had kiddos.. Yes! It was a while ago, (circa 2004?) but the classes were THAT good. We were actually spoiled, and while I have been it lots of classes since then, many of them very good, nothing compares to THOSE classes. Everything about them just worked. The instructor, the music and the regular group of "riders." We all clicked, and we held each other accountable. We were obsessed.

So after mentioning that she was starting spin classes again at the Y, I knew I had to go with her. Thursday night was my first class back and the only word to describe the pain of being back in the saddle again is "Vag-Agony." That first ride back is always brutal. While my legs will hurt as a result, it's nothing compared to my ass and va-jay-jay. I know it wouldn't be so bad if I would give in to the padded shorts, but after trying on multiple pairs, the unflattery and my vanity won out and I decided I would rather suffer the Vag-Agony than walk around in those padded shorts. Maybe once I reach my goal weight I'll re-visit that issue, but until then, the vag will step up to the challenge and make it work!

Being back in spin class feels great! Can't wait for this week, Vag-Agony and all!

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