Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pukefest 2012

It all started in the early morning hours. One twinlet up, puking in her bed, screaming from the upstairs.

As the sleepless hours ticked on, the vomiting continued and it was apparent that we had a serious stomach bug on our hands and could only hope (delusionally) that it wouldn't spread through the house like wildfire.

Of course we were delusional. By Tuesday morning, twinlet 2, the Munchkin and myself were hit, and the husband had to be home to man the puke buckets that were being filled every 30 minutes.

As the week wore on, one by one we started regaining our strength, until Thursday. The husband came home early clearly infected and down for the count. I was back in charge, operating at about 70%. Not really how you want to be when dealing with your kids puke and butt pee.

All in all it took a full week start to finish to make it's way through the household. I'm slowly but surely putting my house back together. I'm lysoling everything and am so thankful the weather is warm enough to open the windows and doors to air the place out!

I survived Pukefest 2012 - Where's my damn t-shirt?

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