Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Skin Care Revolution

If you follow this blog even a little, you probably know that I'm not much on New Year's Resolutions. And while I have vowed this year to lose weight, it's more of a Holy-Crap-!!!-I'm-getting-closer-to-40-and-need-to-start-taking-better-care-of-myself-resolution. Part of this resolution has me getting more serious with my skin care.

I will brag a bit and say that I was pretty much blessed with good skin. I've abused it over the years with tanning beds, long days in the sun with absolutely no sunscreen, and a poor, poor cleaning regimen that consisted of bar soap in the shower. But still, my skin was good.

Now the tides are turning and the abuse is starting to catch up. I'm getting closer to 40 (did I mention that?) and the "laugh lines" are starting to form. When I get in the sun, I get spots. It's payback time.

While acne has never really been an issue, minus a big zit or two and the absolute most inopportune times, I've been seeking out all types of info dedicated to skin care, from simple lotions, washes and rinses to the more serious injections and Anti-Aging Light Therapy Treatments.

I think for now, I'm going to commit to just washing my face daily, that should be a no-brainer right? Maybe a good anti-wrinkle cream and conditioner (with sunscreen, of course) and see how far that gets me. As I edge a little closer to 40, we'll see just how pissed off my skin is for all the years of neglect and we'll re-evaluate the steps needed to help me find my fountain of youth.

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Lindy said...

You should try NuSkin. It.Is.Amazing. Seriously. :)