Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Like You Don't Know...

Being that I'm a complete and total reality television junkie, I have a hard time tuning away even when a series is completely tired and redundant. This goes for the Bachelor 16.

While I think Ben seems like a nice guy, I don't get the physical attraction. The hair is bad. Like really, really bad. The girls are of course beautiful and thin. Same as seasons 1-15.  They even manage to consistently throw in several crazies. I'm guessing this is a requirement.

Also required for each season:

1. On the first night, someone (or multiple someones) are going to get wasted and make complete and total fools of themselves, have crazy eyes and lock themselves in a bathroom crying.

2. The bitchy villain will always make it way farther than she should, in this case to the final 2. This also applies to the Bachelorette.

3. Someone who you think to be somewhat normal will turn batshit crazy on her "kicked to the curb" limo ride home when she doesn't get a rose.

The bickering, catty-ness, tattle-telling and back stabbing are all standard, but my absolute favorite is when the Fantasy Date Card arrives.

We all know it by heart:

The Bachelor "covertly" pulls envelope from pocket, Girl Du Jour is all... "Wha.. Wha.. a card that's going to ask me to spend the night in a fantasy suite.. What?"

While playing coy, she reads:

{Insert Bachelor Name and the "Girl Du Jour"}

We hope you are enjoying your stay in {Insert City/Country}

Should you choose to fore go your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite.


"Girl Du Jour" then acts all proper, like she's actually considering saying no... *snort* As If! It's the Bachelor 16!! SIXTEEN, People! Do think that any of us buy your terrible acting job and the fact that you wouldn't jump on the chance to get a little sexy time without the cameras rolling?


I would love nothing more than for some girl (or guy) to just own it. To wave off dinner and the envelope and ask "So, are we gonna do it, or what?"

That would make for good tv. I'm just sayin'

America's sweetheart Emily Maynard will be back as the next Bachelorette and I of course will tune in.. How could you not after all of the Emily/Whack Job Brad after season drama?

I wonder if this good girl will change the rules up when it comes to the fantasy suite... Don't forget to set a good example, Emily. Your daughter will see this one day!

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Becca said...

Before i regularly watching reality shows which is i preferred than watching drama.