Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Might as well be a Crack Addict

Yesterday was a tough, tough day. I never knew how dependent my body had become on complete and total shit food. If detoxing from sugar and crap is even a tenth of what a drug addict goes through, then no thank you.

In addition to a massive migraine that lasted all. day. long. I was dizzy, tired and ravenous. I've never thought so much about food in my entire life. I'm not typically one to think that food looks good on those fast food commercials, in fact mostly I'm completely appalled by those ads because they never really look that appetizing (cue the Milos Grilled Chicken Sandwich) but yesterday I swear those burgers were calling my name. It's like they were willing me to get up, get my keys and drive myself to the nearest drive thru. They promised to make me feel better. Maybe in addition to dizzy, tired and starving I was also delusional?

I suffered through the day with only 1 slip up of cheese crackers (they happened to be calling my name as well.) The girls went unbathed in my delusional state and my house is still a complete wreck from holidays and traveling, but I was able to pull it together long enough to throw some waffles, clif bars and cheese crackers out for them to eat. Priorities, right?

I went to bed with the vice grip squeezing my head and woke up this morning with it dulled slightly. After a short round of nausea while getting the Munchkin ready for school I managed to make my smoothie, down some caffeine and ibuprofen and now I'm feeling much much better.

After 2 days I'm down 4.8lbs. It's a good thing because feeling like shit and having a scale that isn't moving downward is a complete and total buzz kill. 

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