Saturday, January 07, 2012


Yesterday while getting ready to walk out of the house for my birthday lunch, I hear "Mary Kate" yell from another room... "Mommy, I accidentally pee pee'd on your phone" while trying for a few seconds to process what I heard, she yelled again, "MOMMY!, I pee pee'd on your phone!"  Still not sure that I was hearing her correctly, I yelled back:

"You, What?"
"I pee pee'd"
"You, Pee'd?"
"On My Phone?"
"I don't know"


*Scream lots of 4 letter words in my head*

At that point I decided having this conversation while yelling across the house was counterproductive, there is no way that while sitting on the sofa playing Angry Birds (which is where I left her) could she have literally pee'd on my phone. Right?

Well, kind of right.

When I found her she was in the bathroom sitting on the potty and sure enough, there sat my phone... on the floor... in a puddle of pee. She obviously was so caught up in destroying the pigs that she failed to make it to the potty on time.


So after a very good cleaning, I'm happy to say that the phone does still work (Eww, I know,) luckily I already had my iphone 4S on order.

Anyone want to buy an iphone, I'll have an extra!


Rachel said...

Wow. That is just awesome, in a tragic sort of way.

I bet those birds are REALLY angry now.

OXO Containers said...

I couldn't imagine keeping my cool if my son peed on my phone. At least it'll make for a good story later in their life .. remember the time you peed on mommy's iPhone? heh