Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hello New Year, Good-Bye Baby Weight!

The time has come. I'm closing the uterus on child bearing and no longer have the excuse of holding on to this baby weight because "What's the point in losing the weight if I'm just going to have another baby..."

Not a very good excuse but an excuse nonetheless.

I recently read somewhere that keeping your dieting a secret makes you more successful in said diet but I kind of feel like if you talk/blog about it, maybe having people know will hold you accountable. So that's what I'm thinking in sharing yet another dieting journey on my blog.

Getting below 140lbs seems to be a lofty goal. I haven't been there in years, I get to 142 and teeter on the edge of that goal but haven't been able to actually break through. So I'm setting that as my first goal, roughly 9lbs.

For Christmas I got the PINK Method Fitness program so that's what I'll be following. It's nothing extreme, mostly just healthy eating options with moderate exercise and it's broken down into 3 phases plus a reset.

I'm on day 2 of the "Reset Phase" and I'm down 2lbs, nothing major since I'm certain it's all water weight. I am however incredibly results oriented and tend to get a boost when I see weight coming off quickly, one of the reasons I chose this program.

In addition to losing some lbs, I'm hoping to gain some healthier eating habits for me and the entire family, I've gotten lazy when it comes to meal times and we had been eating out almost daily.

So.. Off we go! No fast food and definitely no more sodas!!

If your goal for the New Year is to lose some weight, good luck! Let me know how you're doing it!


lisa harrison said...

aYou are tall, though! Aren't you like 5'8"? 140 seems too low for you! You look great! :)

lisa harrison said...

maYou are tall, though! Aren't you like 5'8"? 140 seems too low for you! You look great! :)