Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Rules: Kids Christmas Programs and Parent Behavior

I had the privlage to attend the twinlets Christmas Program yesterday and I have to say it was madness. Complete and total mayhem.

I was warned by the teacher that parents get there super early and "camp out" for the top seats. I laughed it off thinking, eh, it's a preschool Christmas program, I'm sure it will be cute but as long as I can get a picture of my kid up on stage, I'll be fine....

A. Picture. I don't need enough to fill an album and I don't feel the need to fight for a seat.

Because it was not our regular school day I did have to get the girls there a bit early so I ended up being able to join the campout with about 30 minutes to spare. What I saw when I got into the chapel were empty seats, lots of them. All being saved by the person who obviously drew the short straw that morning. Ok, so saved seats, no biggie, I took a spot on the aisle, 2 rows from the back, and thought "I'll lean over, snap my picture and I'm good."

As I waited for the program to start, I watched, I listened and these rules began to develop in my head, by the time the program was over, this blog post was as good as written.

Rule 1: You cannot save 8 seats for people who are not going to show up. When it's 3 minutes before the program starts and your 8 (EIGHT!) people are not there, you forfeit your seats and great granny is gonna have to find her own way. You saving 8 (EIGHT!) seats is what causes the panic among parents, requiring us to sit and blog in our head for 30+ minutes prior to the program starting. I could have stopped by the post office.

Rule 2: Do not give me a dirty look for saving 1(One!) seat for my husband, please direct that to the lady in front of me saving 8 (EIGHT!) And for the record, my husband showed.

Rule 3. If you have younger children that are not participating in the program, shut them up or take them out. No offense. I've been there. But if I was trying to watch the Munchkin in her program and a twinlet so much as farted, we were up and out. It's distracting to EVERYONE, including your child in the program. Not to mention how many videos you're ruining.

Rule 4. Take your picture (or 2) and kindly move back to your seat. Do not block the aisle and stay there, do not move into the seats vacated by the kids. It pisses off the people that got there early enough to grab that prime pew-estate. And? It's rude.

Rule 5. When you stand in front of me, I can't see. Haven't you ever heard "Your daddy wasn't a glass maker?" "You'd make a better wall than a window?" It's true.

So with those rules in mind I would like to present my pictures from this years Christmas Program.

This is the only picture I got of "Ashley."

Please note: it was taken from my seat while I was trying not to block the other people around me who were also trying to take pictures of their kids walking in.

See Rule 4

See Rule 5

That's it.. Christmas Program 2011 - Great right?

I'm guessing that we are all fairly smart individuals and can figure out a way to do better than this. I love my kids and want to see them in any production they participate in, big or small but seriously? I'm not going to throw elbows unless it's a Twilight Premiere or Matthew McCoughney Naked with his bongos.

If you got a shot of my kids, I would love to see it.


Anonymous said...

love it

Amy's Mod Room said...

They should hire a professional photographer and sell the photos afterward--they'd make a fortune!