Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Yo' Face

As I was looking through some old pictures I noticed that my software has taken it upon itself to "face" some of my pictures. In fact almost all of my pictures have now been "faced" causing me to have multiple images of my original.

For example this lovely photo taken last year at Christmas:

Gave me all of these:

5 to every 1 shot if it's a family photo. Do you have any idea how many photos I now have in my files?

But as I was going through I realized that sometimes is gets it right and it's better than the picture I actually took, like this:

Then sometimes it completely misses, like this:

Uh... Hmm. Not really sure what it thought was a face or even part of a face but it "faced" it anyway.

What a cute little hand face.... ?

Then sometimes it's just completely creepy, like this:

So, while it gets it right some of the time and gives me those good pics, I still have a lot of unnecessary cleaning out to do, in case you haven't met me, I don't like unnecessary cleaning. At all. Not even a little bit.

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