Sunday, November 06, 2011


It's no secret that I'm an obnoxious Auburn fan. I realize it, and I own it. I loathe all things Crimson Tide and would probably pull for Sarah Palin before I would pull for UAT in a game.

It's called a rivalry, it's called getting behind your team and supporting them with everything you have and everything you believe in, I expect the Bammers to do the same against Auburn.

Saturday night I dug out a purple shirt and made myself a gold t-shirt scarf to wear for the LSU/Alabama game. We invited friends over to cheer for the Tigers.

I pulled for the Longhorns when Alabama played for the National Championship and I will do it again, over and over and I make no apologies.

Here's where the rub is when Bama fans want to call me "Disrespectful" "Mean" and "Classless." They are so delusional and blinded by houndstooth to realize that they do it too. This time, it's a flurry of facebook statuses lashing out at Auburn Fans, all because they, themselves, the Almighty Tide lost to LSU... Really? Suck it up and deal with your loss.. Yes, we know that you are "bringing it to our house" in a few short weeks... And?

What does that possibly have to do with the outcome of your game against LSU and your 4 missed field goals?

We realize that Alabama is the "best team in the state" this year. We wore those shoes last year remember? Remember when you pulled for the Ducks? Remember when you wished so hard that the NCAA hammer would slam down on us because of the allegations against Cam Newton? Remember when you made fun of Tebow for crying? (Something pointed out by my football "un"thusiast friend RandomMommy)

It's a rivalry for a reason and should be treated as such. I don't want you pulling for Auburn, I want you to stand behind your team because it's an in state rivalry and that's what you do. We're not "mean" we're all in for Auburn, all the time. Period.

Continue to spout your nonsense about still being the "best team in the Nation" despite your loss to the Number 1 team in the Nation.. (Funny math?) and I'm going to continue to cheer against you with all that I've got. Just as I expect you to do for your team. No hard feelings, but own it and don't act like we're the only ones.

And for those comments about the "Bad Call" and how you "saw it several times on TV from different angles" and "his back hit the ground with the ball firmly in both hands." and how "It was Bama's ball and a TD would have followed. It's not sour grapes...just a fact."

To you I say:

It's unfortunate that the Officials calling the game didn't have access to the super power replay that you seem to have in your living room. And to say that it's a "fact" that they would have scored a Touchdown is complete and total shit. Need I remind you there wasn't a single touchdown scored in the game? What most likely would have happened is that drive would have ended in yet another 4th down field goal attempt that your kicker would have missed.

I'm also going to go out on a limb and say that he didn't miss those field goals because he is Australian - so good luck moving forward with that attitude as you search for your "American Kicker."

War Eagle!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

Whew! Life has been kicking my ass. I'm busy. Like, have lost complete control of my overly organized ways because I'm too busy doing "things" to organize the things I need to do!

The kids are in full swing with school and I have successfully avoided almost all classroom responsibility this year. Yay, me! I honestly don't know where I would fit it in if I had volunteered for Room Mom or PTO.

Since school has started I feel personally responsible for the death of several trees. I have never seen so much paperwork in all of my life. Stacks and stacks and more stacks of paper that overwhelm me to the point that I shove it all into a corner and swear I'll get to it later and it's not later enough yet. I'll get there... eventually.

This new "system" has caused me to fail at parenthood on a few key things that include but are not limited to, dressing my children appropriately for school pictures, not getting the Munchkin signed up for tennis on time and completely missing out on a Halloween festival at the twins school....

The Holidays are just around the corner and I know things will get busy, but busy in a different way. A hang with family, get to eat lots of yummy food and swap gifts kind of way. I'm really looking forward to getting past the work busy and getting on with the hustle and bustle of the holidays!