Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bye Bye Baby...... Tooth

My "baby" has lost her first baby tooth! It's been quite an exciting 36 or so hours.. It started with the Munchkin begging me to tie her loose tooth to a string and attach it to a door in order to pull it out. Once I explained to her why that was not a good idea, she agreed to let me tug on it a little and eventually wrap a piece a floss around it in a feeble attempt to rid her of it's wobbly presence.

It was disastrous and ended with lots of blood, crying and a tooth still intact.

We spoke with the Dentist and he thought it was best to bring her in and have it pulled. I am obviously not cut out for this specific task that is going to be a part of my life for a good many years. 3 kids equals a lot of loose teeth.

I have officially resigned as tooth puller and will allow the teeth to come out in their own sweet time. If she loses a tooth down the drain, or on a playground somewhere, such is life. We'll make sure the Tooth fairy is down with this arrangement and let the chips (or teeth) fall where they may.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Ok to Raise a Princess

I cannot even begin to express how tired I am of listening to the backlash about little girls being obsessed with all things Princess.

Articles are popping up everywhere discussing the perils of gender. There was recently a big hubbub about a family that was choosing to raise their child without disclosing it's gender. Why? Because they believe that "they’re giving their children the opportunity to be creative and free from social norms that dictate male and female behavior."

Who Cares? Is it really so bad to be a woman that we have to downplay any girly tendencies that we might have? What happened to the days of celebrating who we are regardless of our sex, or the color of our skin.

I was never a girly-girl. I remember one Christmas my gifts included, a bike, a football, and a baseball glove and bat. I collected matchbox cars, baseball cards and GI Joes, because that's what I asked my parents for. They didn't try to sway me into "girly things" nor did they attempt to squash my "Tom Girl Behavior." I played in the tunnels under the streets in our neighborhood and made beauty salons using crushed rocks and dirt as my makeup.

Do you want to know a secret? I played with Barbies too! *GASP!* We had the most elaborate barbie house made up out of our entire playroom, we would disappear into that wonderful barbie mansion and not come out for days. Want to know something else? I never thought I was less of a girl because I didn't have big boobs and a tiny waist. Did you ever think you were odd for not having a storage compartment in your ass like Mr Potato Head?

Somewhere between Toddlers and Tiaras and Gender-less children there has to be a balance.

I'm raising 3 Princesses. Not because when they were born I shoved them in pink tutu's and never allowed them to play with anything that was considered "boyish." It's what they want to play with, it's what they like, it's what makes them happy. If we were to walk the aisles of the toy store and they were to choose something different, I would buy it for them. Whether it's a toolbox designed for boys or "gender neutral" wood blocks, if it gets them to play and use their imagination why should I care? As their parent, it's my responsibility to instill values and help them build a positive self esteem, not the toy manufactures or the world of Disney.

It is not my job to raise my children to be gender-less as a way to snub society and make growing up any more complicated than it has to be, it's my job as a parent to actually, well.... Parent.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Stinky Bum Bum is the New Macarena.

Oh, these girls. I'm certain that their behavior is not learned from me, it has to be in their genes. The ones they get from their Dad.

While at the Library today, turning in our Summer Reading Sheets and picking up a few new books for this coming week, I ran into a Mom who's little boy went to pre-school with the Munchkin. Since her little Boy and the Munchkin will be moving on to Kindergarten together and she has an older daughter, I was picking her brain on what to expect from the teachers and the school and all of the juicy details that come with having a Kindergartner. All of the things that terrify yet excite me about this coming fall.

While getting my notes, the girls were happily playing and perusing the books and movies. It was all fun and games until "Ashley" decided she needed to go potty... Pee, she told me. I rounded them up, and told them to make their final choices while telling the other Mom bye and happy summer...

It was while I was checking the books out that I smelled something that brought me to the realization that "Ashley" didn't need to pee, she needed to poop and had already done so in her pants. 1 other thing happened at the exact moment I realized she had poop in her underwear.... She decided to demonstrate to my Mom friend (who was in the check out line behind us now) the "Stinky Bum Bum Dance." It all happened so fast, yet it seemed to go in slow motion, is that even possible?

In case you are unfamiliar with the stinky bum bum dance, let me break it down for you:

1. Pull up your dress, or pull down your pants so that your underwear shows -

2. Shake your bum bum around in circles while pointing it directly at your target (victim) -

3. Yell, as loudly as possible, "Stinky Bum Bum, Stinky Bum Bum, Doing the Stinky Bum Bum Dance"

*Options include: pulling down your underwear completely so your target/victim can get a grand look at your naked ass or as we did today, try filling your underwear with a load of poop before you begin your dance. That's always a hit, it really adds that extra..... something.

Mortified does not even begin to describe my feelings... Who are these children and why are they calling ME Mommy?