Friday, April 29, 2011

There's No Place Like Home...

Birmingham and surrounding cities were hit very, very hard by some horrific weather this week.

We knew it was coming, we have one of, if not the best meteorologist in the world living and anchoring here and he called it... all. day. long. He told us it was going to be bad, some of the worst he's ever seen coming. He told us early to make plans, to have a severe weather plan in place. He told people living in mobile homes to find an alternate place to stay for the afternoon and evening that they would not be safe.

Unfortunately, he was right.

Unfortunately there was no safe place for some of the families, homes and businesses that were in the path of this tornado. A twister that left a path of destruction from Tuscaloosa, AL (maybe even back to MS) all the way to South Carolina. It was said to be 1 mile wide. An EF5. How do you stay safe when the tornado takes your safe place?

The loss of life is over 230. Over 400 people are still reported missing.

For the first time in my life, I was truly frightened out of my mind. All afternoon we watched these tornadoes form live on television. We watched this monster on the skycam until it's signal went out. We watched the weather until the name of the city that I live in was called out and the time stamp for arrival was 6:02pm - I shuffled my girls into our "safe place" put their bike helmets on and their shoes knowing that if that trajectory was correct, I had approximately 12 minutes to make them as safe as I could.

As the minutes passed the path shifted north, after several more minutes it was heading directly downtown where my husband was at the time. I was texting him, he insisted he was safe. Again the path shifted north. He too was in the clear.

The tornado ended up moving just north of the airport, and on through the state, going down in the books as one of the longest on the ground tornadoes ever.

In the end all of my family is safe, and we are now helping to collect items for distribution to some of the shelters and families in need.

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Rachel said...

I agree - it was the most frightened of weather I've ever been.

So glad y'all are okay!