Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ain't that Average Groupie

My 5 year old has learned a new word!


I can assure you that "Sir Mix a Lot" is not on her ipod and cannot be blamed for this new word, but I'm guessing she heard it somewhere that I should have been monitoring more closely.

She asked the meaning of the word the other day and I explained in pre-school terms that when you like a specific band, singer or celebrity and can follow them around to try and get to *ahem* "know" them better you are considered a groupie. Conveniently leaving out the sex, drugs and rock & roll part of the definition.

I also chose to shelve the part about how we should never go back stage with the lead singer, no matter how hot he is, what he promises you, or how much he swears he was singing that ballad to you... keeping in line with my long time philosophy of giving them just enough to satisfy their little minds, and that worked.

So I thought.

While in the car today it was revisited:

Munchkin: "Mommy if you weren't married, and didn't have us kids, would you be a John Mayer Groupie?"

Me: "Without a doubt!"

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