Friday, April 01, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training: Maiden Voyage

After almost 2 solid weeks of going absolutely no where with the pee monsters, I decided it was time to venture out. I of course planned my trip based on them having both gone pee, but once they did we were out the door and flying without a net.

I realize that this quick trip to the grocery store would have served as much better blog fodder had things gone horrible wrong, and if the girls would have both peed their way up and down each aisle - but alas, I'm am happy to say that our "Maiden Voyage" in big girl panties was an absolutely uneventful success.

After this past Monday I really thought that this potty training adventure was not going to work out in my favor. I considered giving up and trying again later, but we persevered and "Ashley" has been dry since our Monday debacle.. "Mary Kate" the one who pee's way more often, has had 1 tiny accident every day this week, but always just a bit and finishes on the potty.

In another huge step towards diaper freedom, they both have learned that flushing is fun, so they now like to use the "Big Big" potty... They also like to make comments on each others poop and what it reminds them of.. "Wittle Wocks" (little rocks) mostly. Their imagination is not nearly as developed as the Munchkin who constantly saw "Sloths" in her poop.

While I'm not yet confident in saying that we are potty trained, we are close... I think.

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