Friday, April 08, 2011

Adventures In Potty Training: Fini

It took exactly 2 weeks. This past Monday marked the day that it suddenly clicked, a far cry from the previous Monday when I was beginning to think that poop slinging monkeys would be easier to train than my girls.

I'm not sure what constitutes the official title of "Potty Trained." What I do know is that this week we have had a couple of days with no accidents at all for either of them, and a couple of days where we've had just one between them.

Today was an accident day, not just an easy peasy pee in the pants day, it was a shit the pants, step in it and some how manage to smear it across the wall kind of day. But it was just once. (Bright Side People, Bright Side.)

We are able to go out now, although I'm still slightly chicken, I'm getting there. I'm sure that getting them to use a public restroom will be a challenge since they are afraid of literally everything, but I feel certain in saying that the worst of it is behind us. I survived potty training twins! I'm a big girl now!

Is there a club for this? There should be.

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