Friday, March 18, 2011

Making Memories!

I was a little bummed when our Spring Break trip to Atlanta got cancelled. I was really looking forward to just getting away for a couple of days on a family trip that was/is long overdue. But I decided to practice what I preach about exploring the city and having a great "Staycation" here in and around town.

I decided since the Munchkin always misses out on seeing everyone because of her school schedule I wanted to work the Great Grandparents into our week and let the girls spend some time with them.

Yesterday we spent some time with Great Gran. Ate lunch and took a little walk around Caldwell Park. After leaving there we headed to our new favorite place, Railroad Park.

I failed to get any pictures. In my attempt to be a little more unplugged this week I walked out without my phone or camera.

Today we spent the day at Ruffner Mountain with our Nanny and Grandaddy.

It's a family favorite and Grandaddy goes hiking there almost daily. We packed our lunch, put on our hiking shoes and took off!

The 33 1/3 rule kicked in at the start of our trip... you know the the law that states that out of 3 kids one is always going to be pissed off? This time it was "Mary Kate." Once she realized that I wasn't going to carry her or let anyone else (ahem, Oma) carry her, we were able to move on... (see right)

We had a picnic and because I felt the need for a workout, convinced everyone that we should load the twins in the stroller and hike to the old fire tower... In case you want to know how difficult this is, it's uphill... the entire way. And I don't mean a slow steady incline, there are 2 very steep hills and when you're pushing 90lbs, you definitely feel the burn.

My girls are worn out but had the best time hanging out today and staying busy all week!

Nanny, Oma, Pop, "Munchkin" and "Ashley"

Grandaddy showing the girls the "Family Ruffner Mountain Book" that we will now be added to!

Me with my girls

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