Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training, Day 2

While I'm reluctant to say that we had "success" today, we did do better than yesterday. Kind of.

"Mary Kate" pooped in the potty, although she tried to get up and run because she wasn't sure what was happening, it did land where it was intended and earned her a cool 2 M & M's.

After this it got tricky. While I was trying to praise her like she had just won the Nobel Peace Prize, I had to be careful not to do damage to "Ashley's" self esteem. She was already sitting on the potty next to "MK's" looking longingly at the turd she wished she'd produced in order to get her prize. After we called the Husband to brag some more, I went to shower her with praise for trying, and to tell her to keep up the good work, which resulted in a complete and total meltdown, with belligerent demands for M & M's.

After pleading with her to just sit another minute or two (they usually poop in pairs,) I finally let her up to find that she had already peed in the potty and just didn't know it... earning her a cool 1 M & M. We jumped around, called daddy back and then the moment that brought tears to my eyes, they looked at each other, smiled, giggled and hugged. They were so proud.

We were off to such a great start to the day, only for our joyous celebration to be followed with a slew of accidents. Seriously? How much pee can one kid produce?

No more successes for the day, so far.

1 step forward, 2 steps back....

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