Monday, January 17, 2011

Since I'm back, Let's Talk about Sarah, Shall We?

Since the shooting in Tuscon, Sarah Palin's smug little mug continues to pop up all over everything I seem to be watching. People are blaming her, people are defending her, and she has diarrhea of the mouth as usual.

While I'm not blaming her perse' my thoughts on the whole matter are this:

1. You star in a reality series that you want people to watch.

2. You write a book you want people to buy and read.

3. You travel around and endorse candidates that you want people to vote for.

4. You have a FB page you want people to like.

5. You speak at Tea Party conventions where you expect people to listen to you.

6. You say something like "Don't Retreat, Reload" so that people will....... What? Reload?

7. You put crosshairs, Er..."Surveyors marks for dryholes" on someone and you want people to..... (fill in the blank here because I'm at a loss)

The only one "physically" responsibl­e for the shooting is Jared Lee Loughner. I get that. But I also think Sarah Palin is incredibly irresponsible with her actions and words, and I'm guessing that since her map with the crosshairs (Er... Surveyors marks for dryholes... blah blah) were immediately removed from her site, that someone in her camp thought that might not look so good either.

Our Nation as a whole is abundant with people who are unstable and living on the edge. Palin is preaching hate and inciting violence to gun toting right wing extremists. Why would we think that something like this wouldn't happen eventually?


kate said...

Right On!!!! Love your honesty too!

Anonymous said...

Hey while we are at it why dont we blame Rachel Ray for every bad meal you've ever had. Nuts are nuts, they will do bad things when mixed with the general populace. Why no outrage over the parents of this screwball Loughner. Why didn't they report his mental health issues to the police and why didn't they have him committed? I'm dont have anything personal again Palin, but I dont believe she should be president. But blaming her or ANYBODY else for the actions of an obviously unstable madman is flawed. The problem with society as a whole today is that everybody thinks every bad thing is somebody else's fault. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and that is it. Life sucks sometimes and you just have to accept it and move on. If Loughner didn't do it with a gun, he would have done it with a knife, a car, or even worse a bomb. This "Gun-Toting" Conservatives guns are locked in a 800lb fire safe at home and will never be fired in anger. So before you lump conservative gun owners in with a psycho like Loughner, Think about what your saying. I know your a liberal now but I would not lump you in the same category as Bill Ayers. There are nuts on BOTH sides of the isle, but your characterization of gun owners is unfair and incorrect.