Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Yo' Face

As I was looking through some old pictures I noticed that my software has taken it upon itself to "face" some of my pictures. In fact almost all of my pictures have now been "faced" causing me to have multiple images of my original.

For example this lovely photo taken last year at Christmas:

Gave me all of these:

5 to every 1 shot if it's a family photo. Do you have any idea how many photos I now have in my files?

But as I was going through I realized that sometimes is gets it right and it's better than the picture I actually took, like this:

Then sometimes it completely misses, like this:

Uh... Hmm. Not really sure what it thought was a face or even part of a face but it "faced" it anyway.

What a cute little hand face.... ?

Then sometimes it's just completely creepy, like this:

So, while it gets it right some of the time and gives me those good pics, I still have a lot of unnecessary cleaning out to do, in case you haven't met me, I don't like unnecessary cleaning. At all. Not even a little bit.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Rules: Kids Christmas Programs and Parent Behavior

I had the privlage to attend the twinlets Christmas Program yesterday and I have to say it was madness. Complete and total mayhem.

I was warned by the teacher that parents get there super early and "camp out" for the top seats. I laughed it off thinking, eh, it's a preschool Christmas program, I'm sure it will be cute but as long as I can get a picture of my kid up on stage, I'll be fine....

A. Picture. I don't need enough to fill an album and I don't feel the need to fight for a seat.

Because it was not our regular school day I did have to get the girls there a bit early so I ended up being able to join the campout with about 30 minutes to spare. What I saw when I got into the chapel were empty seats, lots of them. All being saved by the person who obviously drew the short straw that morning. Ok, so saved seats, no biggie, I took a spot on the aisle, 2 rows from the back, and thought "I'll lean over, snap my picture and I'm good."

As I waited for the program to start, I watched, I listened and these rules began to develop in my head, by the time the program was over, this blog post was as good as written.

Rule 1: You cannot save 8 seats for people who are not going to show up. When it's 3 minutes before the program starts and your 8 (EIGHT!) people are not there, you forfeit your seats and great granny is gonna have to find her own way. You saving 8 (EIGHT!) seats is what causes the panic among parents, requiring us to sit and blog in our head for 30+ minutes prior to the program starting. I could have stopped by the post office.

Rule 2: Do not give me a dirty look for saving 1(One!) seat for my husband, please direct that to the lady in front of me saving 8 (EIGHT!) And for the record, my husband showed.

Rule 3. If you have younger children that are not participating in the program, shut them up or take them out. No offense. I've been there. But if I was trying to watch the Munchkin in her program and a twinlet so much as farted, we were up and out. It's distracting to EVERYONE, including your child in the program. Not to mention how many videos you're ruining.

Rule 4. Take your picture (or 2) and kindly move back to your seat. Do not block the aisle and stay there, do not move into the seats vacated by the kids. It pisses off the people that got there early enough to grab that prime pew-estate. And? It's rude.

Rule 5. When you stand in front of me, I can't see. Haven't you ever heard "Your daddy wasn't a glass maker?" "You'd make a better wall than a window?" It's true.

So with those rules in mind I would like to present my pictures from this years Christmas Program.

This is the only picture I got of "Ashley."

Please note: it was taken from my seat while I was trying not to block the other people around me who were also trying to take pictures of their kids walking in.

See Rule 4

See Rule 5

That's it.. Christmas Program 2011 - Great right?

I'm guessing that we are all fairly smart individuals and can figure out a way to do better than this. I love my kids and want to see them in any production they participate in, big or small but seriously? I'm not going to throw elbows unless it's a Twilight Premiere or Matthew McCoughney Naked with his bongos.

If you got a shot of my kids, I would love to see it.

Sunday, November 06, 2011


It's no secret that I'm an obnoxious Auburn fan. I realize it, and I own it. I loathe all things Crimson Tide and would probably pull for Sarah Palin before I would pull for UAT in a game.

It's called a rivalry, it's called getting behind your team and supporting them with everything you have and everything you believe in, I expect the Bammers to do the same against Auburn.

Saturday night I dug out a purple shirt and made myself a gold t-shirt scarf to wear for the LSU/Alabama game. We invited friends over to cheer for the Tigers.

I pulled for the Longhorns when Alabama played for the National Championship and I will do it again, over and over and I make no apologies.

Here's where the rub is when Bama fans want to call me "Disrespectful" "Mean" and "Classless." They are so delusional and blinded by houndstooth to realize that they do it too. This time, it's a flurry of facebook statuses lashing out at Auburn Fans, all because they, themselves, the Almighty Tide lost to LSU... Really? Suck it up and deal with your loss.. Yes, we know that you are "bringing it to our house" in a few short weeks... And?

What does that possibly have to do with the outcome of your game against LSU and your 4 missed field goals?

We realize that Alabama is the "best team in the state" this year. We wore those shoes last year remember? Remember when you pulled for the Ducks? Remember when you wished so hard that the NCAA hammer would slam down on us because of the allegations against Cam Newton? Remember when you made fun of Tebow for crying? (Something pointed out by my football "un"thusiast friend RandomMommy)

It's a rivalry for a reason and should be treated as such. I don't want you pulling for Auburn, I want you to stand behind your team because it's an in state rivalry and that's what you do. We're not "mean" we're all in for Auburn, all the time. Period.

Continue to spout your nonsense about still being the "best team in the Nation" despite your loss to the Number 1 team in the Nation.. (Funny math?) and I'm going to continue to cheer against you with all that I've got. Just as I expect you to do for your team. No hard feelings, but own it and don't act like we're the only ones.

And for those comments about the "Bad Call" and how you "saw it several times on TV from different angles" and "his back hit the ground with the ball firmly in both hands." and how "It was Bama's ball and a TD would have followed. It's not sour grapes...just a fact."

To you I say:

It's unfortunate that the Officials calling the game didn't have access to the super power replay that you seem to have in your living room. And to say that it's a "fact" that they would have scored a Touchdown is complete and total shit. Need I remind you there wasn't a single touchdown scored in the game? What most likely would have happened is that drive would have ended in yet another 4th down field goal attempt that your kicker would have missed.

I'm also going to go out on a limb and say that he didn't miss those field goals because he is Australian - so good luck moving forward with that attitude as you search for your "American Kicker."

War Eagle!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

Whew! Life has been kicking my ass. I'm busy. Like, have lost complete control of my overly organized ways because I'm too busy doing "things" to organize the things I need to do!

The kids are in full swing with school and I have successfully avoided almost all classroom responsibility this year. Yay, me! I honestly don't know where I would fit it in if I had volunteered for Room Mom or PTO.

Since school has started I feel personally responsible for the death of several trees. I have never seen so much paperwork in all of my life. Stacks and stacks and more stacks of paper that overwhelm me to the point that I shove it all into a corner and swear I'll get to it later and it's not later enough yet. I'll get there... eventually.

This new "system" has caused me to fail at parenthood on a few key things that include but are not limited to, dressing my children appropriately for school pictures, not getting the Munchkin signed up for tennis on time and completely missing out on a Halloween festival at the twins school....

The Holidays are just around the corner and I know things will get busy, but busy in a different way. A hang with family, get to eat lots of yummy food and swap gifts kind of way. I'm really looking forward to getting past the work busy and getting on with the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Toy Story Moment

This morning I walked my "baby" to Kindergarten. We took her picture in front of the school sign, we stood in line until the first bell rang and walked together silently to her class. She was quiet because I think her excitement had turned to nerves and I was quiet for fear of breaking down into an ugly cry in front of all of these people I will be passing for the next 9 months, if not years. It's something they just don't need to see.

I managed to distract myself with the twins and have light conversation with the Husband on the walk home.

Husband left for work and I began cleaning up the kitchen from the breakfast dishes we had left and that's when I saw him.... Her Lovey, his name is "Vertue." She has carried him with her every where she has gone since she was 2 years old. Even in preschool she would take him as far as she possibly could before leaving him in her carseat while she was gone. He was the first thing she would ask for when she would get in the car in the afternoons.

But today, he was here. Left on the floor by her chair for me to find and cry over. I instantly started thinking of Woody, Buzz and all of their friends that got left behind when Andy grew up. I know she's not off to college yet, but if Kindergarten got here so fast, there is no way I will have time to prepare myself for those future milestones. The ones that take her farther out of my grasp and into the Big, Bad, World.

Today, my little girl became a Kindergartner.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bye Bye Baby...... Tooth

My "baby" has lost her first baby tooth! It's been quite an exciting 36 or so hours.. It started with the Munchkin begging me to tie her loose tooth to a string and attach it to a door in order to pull it out. Once I explained to her why that was not a good idea, she agreed to let me tug on it a little and eventually wrap a piece a floss around it in a feeble attempt to rid her of it's wobbly presence.

It was disastrous and ended with lots of blood, crying and a tooth still intact.

We spoke with the Dentist and he thought it was best to bring her in and have it pulled. I am obviously not cut out for this specific task that is going to be a part of my life for a good many years. 3 kids equals a lot of loose teeth.

I have officially resigned as tooth puller and will allow the teeth to come out in their own sweet time. If she loses a tooth down the drain, or on a playground somewhere, such is life. We'll make sure the Tooth fairy is down with this arrangement and let the chips (or teeth) fall where they may.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Ok to Raise a Princess

I cannot even begin to express how tired I am of listening to the backlash about little girls being obsessed with all things Princess.

Articles are popping up everywhere discussing the perils of gender. There was recently a big hubbub about a family that was choosing to raise their child without disclosing it's gender. Why? Because they believe that "they’re giving their children the opportunity to be creative and free from social norms that dictate male and female behavior."

Who Cares? Is it really so bad to be a woman that we have to downplay any girly tendencies that we might have? What happened to the days of celebrating who we are regardless of our sex, or the color of our skin.

I was never a girly-girl. I remember one Christmas my gifts included, a bike, a football, and a baseball glove and bat. I collected matchbox cars, baseball cards and GI Joes, because that's what I asked my parents for. They didn't try to sway me into "girly things" nor did they attempt to squash my "Tom Girl Behavior." I played in the tunnels under the streets in our neighborhood and made beauty salons using crushed rocks and dirt as my makeup.

Do you want to know a secret? I played with Barbies too! *GASP!* We had the most elaborate barbie house made up out of our entire playroom, we would disappear into that wonderful barbie mansion and not come out for days. Want to know something else? I never thought I was less of a girl because I didn't have big boobs and a tiny waist. Did you ever think you were odd for not having a storage compartment in your ass like Mr Potato Head?

Somewhere between Toddlers and Tiaras and Gender-less children there has to be a balance.

I'm raising 3 Princesses. Not because when they were born I shoved them in pink tutu's and never allowed them to play with anything that was considered "boyish." It's what they want to play with, it's what they like, it's what makes them happy. If we were to walk the aisles of the toy store and they were to choose something different, I would buy it for them. Whether it's a toolbox designed for boys or "gender neutral" wood blocks, if it gets them to play and use their imagination why should I care? As their parent, it's my responsibility to instill values and help them build a positive self esteem, not the toy manufactures or the world of Disney.

It is not my job to raise my children to be gender-less as a way to snub society and make growing up any more complicated than it has to be, it's my job as a parent to actually, well.... Parent.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Stinky Bum Bum is the New Macarena.

Oh, these girls. I'm certain that their behavior is not learned from me, it has to be in their genes. The ones they get from their Dad.

While at the Library today, turning in our Summer Reading Sheets and picking up a few new books for this coming week, I ran into a Mom who's little boy went to pre-school with the Munchkin. Since her little Boy and the Munchkin will be moving on to Kindergarten together and she has an older daughter, I was picking her brain on what to expect from the teachers and the school and all of the juicy details that come with having a Kindergartner. All of the things that terrify yet excite me about this coming fall.

While getting my notes, the girls were happily playing and perusing the books and movies. It was all fun and games until "Ashley" decided she needed to go potty... Pee, she told me. I rounded them up, and told them to make their final choices while telling the other Mom bye and happy summer...

It was while I was checking the books out that I smelled something that brought me to the realization that "Ashley" didn't need to pee, she needed to poop and had already done so in her pants. 1 other thing happened at the exact moment I realized she had poop in her underwear.... She decided to demonstrate to my Mom friend (who was in the check out line behind us now) the "Stinky Bum Bum Dance." It all happened so fast, yet it seemed to go in slow motion, is that even possible?

In case you are unfamiliar with the stinky bum bum dance, let me break it down for you:

1. Pull up your dress, or pull down your pants so that your underwear shows -

2. Shake your bum bum around in circles while pointing it directly at your target (victim) -

3. Yell, as loudly as possible, "Stinky Bum Bum, Stinky Bum Bum, Doing the Stinky Bum Bum Dance"

*Options include: pulling down your underwear completely so your target/victim can get a grand look at your naked ass or as we did today, try filling your underwear with a load of poop before you begin your dance. That's always a hit, it really adds that extra..... something.

Mortified does not even begin to describe my feelings... Who are these children and why are they calling ME Mommy?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Gaga

Little Miss Mary Kate is obsessed with Lady Gaga - I suppose I'm to blame for the root of this obsession and the fact that it's so damn cute makes it hard to discourage.

When I woke her up this morning and said, "Let's go Doodlebug" she corrected me by saying, "Today you call me Wady Gaga." Her current favorite song is "Edge of Glory" followed closely by Eh' Eh' (nothing else I can say.)

There is a stronger than slight possibility that she will be dressed as Lady Gaga for Halloween. Don't judge me.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Donation Etiquette

For the past week has been collecting items for the areas around town that were impacted by the tornadoes.

We've set up donation boxes all over town collecting things like diapers, wipes, food, formula, cleaning products, water, toiletries and more.

What I've learned from this experience is that you have to be incredibly detailed about the items that you will and will not take, some of the things I've seen come in have left me speechless.

For the record and for future reference let's just go over a little bit of Donation Etiquette, shall we?

1. The victims of the storm may be left with nothing, and grateful for anything they get but that doesn't mean you should give it to them. Have a filter. Used underwear should not be in your clothing pile.

2. Half used bottles of hairspray, lotion that is so old it's consistency is the same as water and sunscreen that is expired is also a no-no. This is not the time to clean out your medicine cabinet or bathroom closets.

3. Food that expired in 2009, really? They just lived through a horrific tornado, you are going to try to kill them with expired BBQ sauce?

4. KY Jelly.. WHUCK?

5. A 1/2 used bottle of Wild Sex Warming Massage Oil. Double WHUCK? Again, let's filter. I don't know if that was a hidden stash or someone thinking that they were actually doing a good deed, either way, let's just think about what we are donating, mmmkay?

Someone, somewhere right now is going "Oh Shit! I can't believe I dropped that in that box"

Monday, May 02, 2011

Where were you when....

There are certain events that happen in your life that are so significant to you or the world that they leave a lasting memory.. You may remember exactly where you were, how your heard the news, what you were wearing, or who you were with.

For past generations they remember things like the assassination of JFK, or when Elvis died..

For me it's things like:

Challenger Disaster: I was at home from school because I was sick, I saw it live.

Princess Diana Car Crash: Sitting in the living room of our very first apartment. The sofa was a comfy old hand me down.

9/11: Getting ready for work I heard it on the radio, turned on the television and saw the 2nd plane hit

I will of course remember the tornadoes from last week, but this one... the death of Bin Laden is the one that will be most memorable I'm sure...

I was watching Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" so I could get the scoop on Alexis and her marriage troubles.. Andy Cohen broke the news to me.

Reality television is the new CNN.... For me.

Friday, April 29, 2011

There's No Place Like Home...

Birmingham and surrounding cities were hit very, very hard by some horrific weather this week.

We knew it was coming, we have one of, if not the best meteorologist in the world living and anchoring here and he called it... all. day. long. He told us it was going to be bad, some of the worst he's ever seen coming. He told us early to make plans, to have a severe weather plan in place. He told people living in mobile homes to find an alternate place to stay for the afternoon and evening that they would not be safe.

Unfortunately, he was right.

Unfortunately there was no safe place for some of the families, homes and businesses that were in the path of this tornado. A twister that left a path of destruction from Tuscaloosa, AL (maybe even back to MS) all the way to South Carolina. It was said to be 1 mile wide. An EF5. How do you stay safe when the tornado takes your safe place?

The loss of life is over 230. Over 400 people are still reported missing.

For the first time in my life, I was truly frightened out of my mind. All afternoon we watched these tornadoes form live on television. We watched this monster on the skycam until it's signal went out. We watched the weather until the name of the city that I live in was called out and the time stamp for arrival was 6:02pm - I shuffled my girls into our "safe place" put their bike helmets on and their shoes knowing that if that trajectory was correct, I had approximately 12 minutes to make them as safe as I could.

As the minutes passed the path shifted north, after several more minutes it was heading directly downtown where my husband was at the time. I was texting him, he insisted he was safe. Again the path shifted north. He too was in the clear.

The tornado ended up moving just north of the airport, and on through the state, going down in the books as one of the longest on the ground tornadoes ever.

In the end all of my family is safe, and we are now helping to collect items for distribution to some of the shelters and families in need.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ain't that Average Groupie

My 5 year old has learned a new word!


I can assure you that "Sir Mix a Lot" is not on her ipod and cannot be blamed for this new word, but I'm guessing she heard it somewhere that I should have been monitoring more closely.

She asked the meaning of the word the other day and I explained in pre-school terms that when you like a specific band, singer or celebrity and can follow them around to try and get to *ahem* "know" them better you are considered a groupie. Conveniently leaving out the sex, drugs and rock & roll part of the definition.

I also chose to shelve the part about how we should never go back stage with the lead singer, no matter how hot he is, what he promises you, or how much he swears he was singing that ballad to you... keeping in line with my long time philosophy of giving them just enough to satisfy their little minds, and that worked.

So I thought.

While in the car today it was revisited:

Munchkin: "Mommy if you weren't married, and didn't have us kids, would you be a John Mayer Groupie?"

Me: "Without a doubt!"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Friday, April 08, 2011

Adventures In Potty Training: Fini

It took exactly 2 weeks. This past Monday marked the day that it suddenly clicked, a far cry from the previous Monday when I was beginning to think that poop slinging monkeys would be easier to train than my girls.

I'm not sure what constitutes the official title of "Potty Trained." What I do know is that this week we have had a couple of days with no accidents at all for either of them, and a couple of days where we've had just one between them.

Today was an accident day, not just an easy peasy pee in the pants day, it was a shit the pants, step in it and some how manage to smear it across the wall kind of day. But it was just once. (Bright Side People, Bright Side.)

We are able to go out now, although I'm still slightly chicken, I'm getting there. I'm sure that getting them to use a public restroom will be a challenge since they are afraid of literally everything, but I feel certain in saying that the worst of it is behind us. I survived potty training twins! I'm a big girl now!

Is there a club for this? There should be.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training: Maiden Voyage

After almost 2 solid weeks of going absolutely no where with the pee monsters, I decided it was time to venture out. I of course planned my trip based on them having both gone pee, but once they did we were out the door and flying without a net.

I realize that this quick trip to the grocery store would have served as much better blog fodder had things gone horrible wrong, and if the girls would have both peed their way up and down each aisle - but alas, I'm am happy to say that our "Maiden Voyage" in big girl panties was an absolutely uneventful success.

After this past Monday I really thought that this potty training adventure was not going to work out in my favor. I considered giving up and trying again later, but we persevered and "Ashley" has been dry since our Monday debacle.. "Mary Kate" the one who pee's way more often, has had 1 tiny accident every day this week, but always just a bit and finishes on the potty.

In another huge step towards diaper freedom, they both have learned that flushing is fun, so they now like to use the "Big Big" potty... They also like to make comments on each others poop and what it reminds them of.. "Wittle Wocks" (little rocks) mostly. Their imagination is not nearly as developed as the Munchkin who constantly saw "Sloths" in her poop.

While I'm not yet confident in saying that we are potty trained, we are close... I think.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training: Day..... Are we there yet?

We started this journey/adventure/hellish nightmare a week ago today. I want to be done.

We've made progress but we still have a long way to go. I want so desperately to cry uncle, to wave the white flag knowing that eventually they will be potty trained, even if they have to do it themselves at the age of 14.. If I give up now I will have wasted an entire week of my life bound to a 10ft x 10ft confined space using the words, potty, pee pee and poo poo over and over so much that I'm now mumbling it in my sleep and asking the husband if he went potty like a big boy.

"Mary Kate" seems to be getting it. She will pee pretty much every single time you put her on the potty. She will not initiate going.

"Ashley" seems to have stage fright. That or a bladder the size of a grown man. She typically won't even pee for the first time until almost noon, unless of course you finally relinquish some control and allow them to wander unsupervised into the playroom, where she will pee immediately on the floor and surrounding toys.

We've been averaging about 2 accidents a day, total. So yes, I would say that is progress, but entering week 2 of this "project" is leaving me stir crazy and ready to get out of this house and back to some normalcy.

Whatever that is.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training, Day 2

While I'm reluctant to say that we had "success" today, we did do better than yesterday. Kind of.

"Mary Kate" pooped in the potty, although she tried to get up and run because she wasn't sure what was happening, it did land where it was intended and earned her a cool 2 M & M's.

After this it got tricky. While I was trying to praise her like she had just won the Nobel Peace Prize, I had to be careful not to do damage to "Ashley's" self esteem. She was already sitting on the potty next to "MK's" looking longingly at the turd she wished she'd produced in order to get her prize. After we called the Husband to brag some more, I went to shower her with praise for trying, and to tell her to keep up the good work, which resulted in a complete and total meltdown, with belligerent demands for M & M's.

After pleading with her to just sit another minute or two (they usually poop in pairs,) I finally let her up to find that she had already peed in the potty and just didn't know it... earning her a cool 1 M & M. We jumped around, called daddy back and then the moment that brought tears to my eyes, they looked at each other, smiled, giggled and hugged. They were so proud.

We were off to such a great start to the day, only for our joyous celebration to be followed with a slew of accidents. Seriously? How much pee can one kid produce?

No more successes for the day, so far.

1 step forward, 2 steps back....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Potty Training - Day 1

The time has come to potty train the twinlets. I'm tired of changing diapers, and I'm tired of paying $50+ a month to their indulge their diaper habit.

I didn't really mean to start hard core today but I'd been promising them a trip to pick out some "Ariel" panties and once we got home they were actually excited to start trying. So, we did.

Every 10 -15 minutes I put them on the potty. We read books, sang songs and tried to pass the time in an uplifting, positive way.... This is an epic challenge for me, it's tedious and while they sit there not peeing, I can't help but think about all of the things I could be doing, would rather be doing (laundry, Facebook, work, reading, poking my eyes out.. ) But alas, there I sat waiting for some pee or poop to land in the potty. But so far they only seem to do that 3.2 seconds after we get up from sitting there for 15 or 20 minutes. Naturally.

Today so far, not a single ounce in the potty, and way more accidents than I can count. The upside? 2 of those accidents happened outside and were much less stressful on my already raging OCD tendencies.

I've finally removed all small area rugs - cleaning up hardwoods only is going to be so much easier and better than trading my diaper budget for a new rug budget because they manage to ruin everything during this process.

I will be so glad to be on the other side of this "adventure." Serenity Now.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Making Memories!

I was a little bummed when our Spring Break trip to Atlanta got cancelled. I was really looking forward to just getting away for a couple of days on a family trip that was/is long overdue. But I decided to practice what I preach about exploring the city and having a great "Staycation" here in and around town.

I decided since the Munchkin always misses out on seeing everyone because of her school schedule I wanted to work the Great Grandparents into our week and let the girls spend some time with them.

Yesterday we spent some time with Great Gran. Ate lunch and took a little walk around Caldwell Park. After leaving there we headed to our new favorite place, Railroad Park.

I failed to get any pictures. In my attempt to be a little more unplugged this week I walked out without my phone or camera.

Today we spent the day at Ruffner Mountain with our Nanny and Grandaddy.

It's a family favorite and Grandaddy goes hiking there almost daily. We packed our lunch, put on our hiking shoes and took off!

The 33 1/3 rule kicked in at the start of our trip... you know the the law that states that out of 3 kids one is always going to be pissed off? This time it was "Mary Kate." Once she realized that I wasn't going to carry her or let anyone else (ahem, Oma) carry her, we were able to move on... (see right)

We had a picnic and because I felt the need for a workout, convinced everyone that we should load the twins in the stroller and hike to the old fire tower... In case you want to know how difficult this is, it's uphill... the entire way. And I don't mean a slow steady incline, there are 2 very steep hills and when you're pushing 90lbs, you definitely feel the burn.

My girls are worn out but had the best time hanging out today and staying busy all week!

Nanny, Oma, Pop, "Munchkin" and "Ashley"

Grandaddy showing the girls the "Family Ruffner Mountain Book" that we will now be added to!

Me with my girls

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break Week!

It's day 1 of Spring Break and we have had a fun, filthy, going to leave a ring around the tub at bathtime tonight kind of day!

I managed to keep my computer closed until naptime today which is a huge accomplishment for me. We went outside and played for 3 hours, then took a little walk up to the store to get some groceries.

We chalked, we rode bikes, blew bubbles and I even managed to clean the garage up a little bit!

I have to say it was a good day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm Going to Start Blogging again, I swear

I know that if there are any of you out there still hanging on to this pathetic blog I've managed to run into the ground, you probably don't care one way or other what I do with it, but I do.

I started off so well and stuck with it for so long. It served to chronicle so many things that never seemed to make it to the baby books, which was ok because I always knew I had a back up... I have failed miserably at this over the last year and am vowing to start over again.

My twinlets are 3 today! Today!!?!! They keep me incredibly busy. So busy that I forget things almost immediately after they happen which is all the more reason to be blogging.

Happy Birthday little Monkeys!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


It is a very serious thing in this household.. As you can see.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I love you but....

My Dear Sweet Auburn Tigers,

I was so excited a couple of weeks ago to learn about the National Championship Celebration that would take place at the stadium this Saturday. I went straight to my calendar and penciled you in. I told the Husband it would be a great day to go down to the loveliest little village and hang out with our girls.... not really thinking about it still being January.

January = Cold... Me no like cold.

I started watching the weather hoping that we would get one of those oddball 60 degree days and we would just have a grand ole' time.

As this weekend approached there were rumors of more snow and ice and of course, freezing temps. At last check the temps were only going to be in the upper 30's... Me no like cold.

So after consulting with the Husband (who, come to find out didn't really want to go anyway) we decided that it just wasn't in the cards.

I'm not the type of person to load up all of the things I will need for the day for all 3 kids, drive 2 1/2 hours for a first come first served situation where the best result is that I'm granted the opportunity to sit in 30 degree weather with 3 kids, 6 gloves, 3 hats, 3 heavy jackets, 6 lovies, umpteen layers of clothing and no vodka.

I love you but..... Not this time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Since I'm back, Let's Talk about Sarah, Shall We?

Since the shooting in Tuscon, Sarah Palin's smug little mug continues to pop up all over everything I seem to be watching. People are blaming her, people are defending her, and she has diarrhea of the mouth as usual.

While I'm not blaming her perse' my thoughts on the whole matter are this:

1. You star in a reality series that you want people to watch.

2. You write a book you want people to buy and read.

3. You travel around and endorse candidates that you want people to vote for.

4. You have a FB page you want people to like.

5. You speak at Tea Party conventions where you expect people to listen to you.

6. You say something like "Don't Retreat, Reload" so that people will....... What? Reload?

7. You put crosshairs, Er..."Surveyors marks for dryholes" on someone and you want people to..... (fill in the blank here because I'm at a loss)

The only one "physically" responsibl­e for the shooting is Jared Lee Loughner. I get that. But I also think Sarah Palin is incredibly irresponsible with her actions and words, and I'm guessing that since her map with the crosshairs (Er... Surveyors marks for dryholes... blah blah) were immediately removed from her site, that someone in her camp thought that might not look so good either.

Our Nation as a whole is abundant with people who are unstable and living on the edge. Palin is preaching hate and inciting violence to gun toting right wing extremists. Why would we think that something like this wouldn't happen eventually?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Sniced" In

We've been stuck in doors since Sunday (mostly) while schools and businesses continue to stay closed because of this "winter storm" that passed through. It brought mostly ice that won't seem to go away... like ever.

We ventured out with the girls on Monday to play, we couldn't build a snowman, but did teach them the finer art of karate chopping ice chunks.. It occupied them for a while.
Thought I would show proof that I actually did go out in the cold, an incredibly rare occurrence.

And yes, I was out there longer than the time it took to take these 3 pictures...... Barely.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We are the Champions....

You had to know that something like my beloved Auburn Tigers winning the National Championship would bring me out of bloggy hiding... So here I am and can I just say... Damn! It's great to be an Auburn Tiger?

What an amazing season we've had and how awesome has it been to watch Cam Newton (the best college football player evah') play for our team!

The weather threatened to dampen our plans but after several phone calls, we came up with a plan b, booked a room at the Winfrey and walked our asses across the icy parking lot to OnTap, one of the only bars open. We drank, cheered, drank, and cheered and drank some more! We stumbled back across the icy parking lot, passed out in a drunken stupor and woke with a Championship Hangover, it's the best hangover I've ever had!

It was an AUsome night! War Damn Eagle