Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My New Thing - Week 35

I volunteered to be Room Mom. This is a task that I have always shied away from, it’s something I wanted to do but didn’t want to over commit and fail my child (and the teachers and other mothers.) When the Munchkin started pre-school the twins were new, only about 5 months old so I had put in my mind that I would do my time as Room Mom once all the kids were in school and I had more time to devote to those little extras. This year there was a need and I agreed. I’ve been assured that it’s mostly just reminding the other Moms via email (which I can rock) who brings goldfish and who drives on the field trips. I can’t speak yet to whether or not I would do it again as I haven’t really done anything yet.

If you have any tips, throw them my way!!

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