Thursday, July 29, 2010

My New Thing - Week 29

I’ve been wearing my hair “not straight.” I went in for a haircut and started talking to my stylist about how wavy/curly/kinky/not straight my hair is naturally and how tired I was of fighting it. She worked her magic and taught me the in’s and out’s of using my diffuser and the importance of “product.” I like it, Husband likes it and I have to say it really is easier than fighting it and always having to blow dry it. Not sure I will keep it this way for long but it’s nice to have options and it’s nice to know how to encourage the curl in this yucky, hot, humid deep south summer.

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1 comment:

Kellie said...

I have naturally curly/wavy/not always the best hair. Straightening it daily is a HUGE pain in my HUGE ass. And yet, when I don't make it straight, it looks like I combed it with a piece of buttered toast. Share your magic! Share your products!