Friday, June 25, 2010

The One Where Mommy Has a Tantrum.

My kids are loud. Really really loud. Loud and shrill. When they get on a tangent they feed off of each other getting louder and louder until you literally are paralyzed not able to even think. The term "so loud I can't hear myself think," does not even begin to describe the scenario that happens in our car on a regular basis.

Today, it was bad. I was going through a drive thru to get a drink. I couldn't hear to order, I couldn't even hear the lady at the window. I practically threw my money at her and floored it it was so embarrassing.

I've tried ignoring, I've tried asking them to stop, I don't spank and I'm not an advocate of spritzing them in the face with water. So today the noise was so loud I pulled into a parking space a sat. There was no way in hell it was safe for me to try and drive with the noise they were making. They continued to scream and after a few minutes of me trying to "reason" with them, I decided what the hell? If you can't beat em' join em' So I did.

I screamed. I screamed louder and longer than any of them. They got quiet. They stayed quiet. They (and anyone parked near us) may now think that Mommy has lost her mind but for the 10 minute car ride home, no one made a noise. Not a peep.

Is that one of my finer parenting moments? Not at all! But it sure did feel good.

It reminded me a lot of this commercial that I think is awesome:


Michelle said...

I've never seen this commerical. It is hilarious! It's ok, we all have moments like this.

anna c. said...

LOL :)