Friday, May 07, 2010

We Are Women Hear Us Rawr!

I was meeting a friend for lunch, a friend that even though both of her kids are in school will tolerate a lunch out with me last minute with the twinlets in tow.

It was nice out (and I mean it was 94 degrees) so we picked a place with a patio, she got there ahead of me and went in to place our order while I arrived and got us a seat on the patio. I was hauling the girls in our big ass double stroller, with our big ass diaper bag on the handle, full of all types of food, drink and bribes.. My basic errand running essentials. Nerds, Smarties, and raisins.

I was getting the girls settled with their bribes, bartering with them to give me just 20 minutes to woof down a bit of food before they went all toddler on me when I heard someone behind me say:

"You are a strong woman" I turned around and saw a man and his wife staring at me and the girls. I said, "I'm sorry, me?" And they both started nodding and telling me that they have a 4 month old and are afraid to go in public, that they don't see how I manage with twins.... I've heard this before, in fact it's a pity conversation that follows me pretty much every where I go. "Double trouble," "Don't you have your hands full," I've heard it all, usually I nod and say "We have our days" or "Oh no, it's not a big deal" but for some reason, right there in that moment, I thought - You're damn right I am! So I smiled politely and did something unheard of.... I accepted the compliment. It felt good.

For all of you Moms, my friends and family - you are strong women. I hope you all know it, and if a stranger ever tells you that, accept it and own it because it's true.

Happy Mothers Day to some of the strongest women out there! Have a fabulous weekend!!


Anonymous said...

I have a ton of respect for all Mamas. It's possible I may have a slight bit more for those of multiples. I'm scared outta my damn mind about having two--and there's a little over 4 years between them.

Hope your Mamas day is wonderful!

random_mommy said...

You amaze everyone! And when I'm with you I pretend their mine, take the compliments, then hand them back to you!