Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My New Thing - Week 17

Seems like I keep letting the cat out of the bag on my new thing right before I'm supposed to officially post it on Tuesday -- I will chalk that up to not really knowing what I did that was new until I have to sit and think...

I’m beginning to realize that a lot of the new things I try are because I’m forced to do so… For this week, I was forced into a new hair stylist. I called to make an appointment and my girl (of more than 3 years) was gone. The new girl did fine, but I want my old girl back. I’m on the verge of stalking every salon in the area until I find her.

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1 comment:

prerna said...

Hi! New follower here:-) Love the idea of 52 new things! And yup, getting used to a new hairstylist is tough... I do hope you find the old girl, 'cos new is good but not when it comes to hairstylists!