Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Encounter with 100 Monkeys

Last night, Jackson Rathbones band 100 Monkeys rolled through town. Me and several friends thought it would be fun to attend. Honestly, and maybe this is bad to say, but I'm really not a fan of their music, it kind of sucks to be brutally honest. I like a couple of songs and they are much better live than on itunes, I really went just to drink and stare at this hot vampire for a couple of hours, in my mind anything else would be gravy.... And good gravy, we had a fantastic time and encounter with Jackson and the band!

It started when one of the security guys, Walter took a liking to us. I'm not really sure why, but he did. Our seats were also really good and he kept going in and out of a door that was right behind us. He came over and was talking to us about the music, we told him we were there for Jackson not the music... He laughed and said "You know he's right behind that door..." We kind of played along, not really sure what to believe, we told him to bring him out, he disappeared through the door and came back with Jackson! Holy Crap, we couldn't believe it, Jackson snuck out, introduced himself, asked our names, shook our hands and snuck back through the door. Girls started squealing and we felt special, I won't lie.

As I mentioned the show was actually good. Jackson threw several looks our way and accomodated us taking his picture while he was on stage. We decided to buy the band some shots (Alabama Slammers, of course) and our Security guy Walter, said he would get them to the band and tell them they were from us... He did. Did I mention that Walter rocks?

After the show we were able to meet all of them, got our shirts signed and they thanked us for the shots, and said they were very "effective." Really cute Mohawk guy even texted RandomMommy from my phone since she had to leave early -

I can't say enough about how sweet these guys are, even if you don't like the music, check them out if they come to your city, it's really a fun show to see..

Here's cutie patootie Jackson in the pics I was able to get...

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