Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Slept Holding Her Hand...

A lot of people that read this blog know the family or have heard about the accident in the news. On Sunday a sweet friend that I met through our local Mommies Group lost her 2 year old little girl in a tragic accident.

I have not been able to stop thinking about this family. When you are a Mom, things like this hit home more than ever before. My heart goes out to this family and all of those involved.

Sunday night after I heard the news, all I wanted to do was hug my girls. I let the Munchkin sleep in our bed, and I fell asleep holding her hand. Life is precious, it is short and it is unpredictable.

If you pray, please pray for this family, if you don't pray, send all of the positive vibes and good thoughts you have, tomorrow they will bury their little girl and will need all of the strength they can get.

A Facebook page has been set up for people to help the family. If you have time or the resources please consider this family...!/note.php?note_id=412761333618&id=642978383


123 said...

Can you send me a message with what happened? I'm not on Facebook and couldn't see the page.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened other than what I read here and what Random Mommy had on FB.

Regardless, my heart breaks for the family and their friends and for a little life taken far, far too soon.