Wednesday, March 17, 2010


For many of you that hang around with us on a regular basis, you might be familiar with our son, "Toby." He's the older brother, he's 5, he wears glasses, he causes mischief and he's completely imaginary.

This resulted from a conversation I had with the Munchkin when she told me she would like for me to have another kid, but told me not to have a baby, she wanted an older brother. After lightly explaining how those things work, she created "Toby."

He goes with us everywhere, she tells everyone at the check out counters in every store that she has a big brother named Toby. What happens next is predictable, it happens the same way, every time. Every. Time.

Cashier: How old is Toby?
Munchkin: He's 5

Cashier: Oh, well how old are you?
Munchkin: I'm 4

Cashier: * looks at twins* How old are your sisters?
Munchkin: 2 in March

Cashier: *looks at them, looks at me, looks at them, looks back and me with a look that is a cross between pity and this "lady is nucking futs for having 4 kids ages 5 and under" *

At this point I politely and quietly explain that "Toby" doesn't really exist and no I'm not actually crazy... The 4 year old is.

I did find out yesterday the inspiration for "Toby" and I have to say I was a little disappointed. He's a dorky little kid with evil tendencies.. He also spells his name with an "E." I've taken a little creative liberty there, I figure if I have to feed him, I will spell his name the way I want...


countryfriedmama said...

First: Word Girl is awesome.

Second: Miss D. would do anything for an older sister. I have tried and failed to explain that being the oldest truly is the best deal going. Someday, she will believe me.

Anonymous said...
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