Thursday, March 25, 2010


There are a few things that I wanted to say in my last post regarding Healhtcare Reform, but I was already running long so I left it out. After reading the comments, I thought I would respond and bring in some of what I was going to say anyway since it's kind of relevant to the comments. I also figured I would try to run off the last 5 readers I have left.

First of all, let me say thank you for keeping the comments respectful, even for those of you with differing opinions. For the bitches that got my back on and off line - I adore you and love you.

Let's start here. For those of you that believe 100% without a doubt that this reform is not good for your family, I'm sorry. You know your situation better than I do and there is no way that I can possibly say that you are wrong in regard to your family. I wouldn't dare. As for you telling me that it is also bad for my family, you can't speak for me either.

What's good or bad for one is not always good/bad for the other. You do not have our medical records, you do not bring home our paycheck, you do not know our situation. For anyone to say that my husbands check will be less now because of this reform has absolutely no idea what they are talking about, and no right to even weigh in. The impact on us and his small business will not be a negative one.

I will question anyone who thinks that something is 100% right or wrong, one way or the other, on either side of the issue.

We can all find information to support our sides, so I say this without much back up, only what I have heard on my Commie News Network, and I'm sure the Faux News has it differently, but it is my understanding that the Republicans refused multiple invites to sit down and discuss this bill, there was an attempt for Bi-Partisanship and it was refused. Were people paid off? I'm sure, but I'm going to stick my neck out here and say, it's probably not the first time this has ever happened. But I could be reaching.

I would never expect anyone to take offense at being called a Republican. If that's what you are, own it, live it, be it, whatever blows your skirt up. I do however take offense at being called a Socialist because that's not what I am. My mother was born in Berlin, my Grandmother grew up as a little girl under Hitlers reign, I've heard stories about Socialism and believe me when I say, this ain't it.

Shame on everyone who wants to throw that word around so carelessly. In my opinion it only serves to incite panic where there should be none. But when you get your news from sources such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh I can understand the Chicken Little mentality.

I've said this before and I will say it again now. I do not agree 100% with our current administration, and I'm not sure that I would vote for Obama again, but I will support him like I did Bush. I gave up Dixie Chicks and Pearl Jam all in the name of support for that President. Will I ever bitch and moan if "My Guy or Gal" doesn't get elected, you betcha! But not with such explicit vitriol as you all seem to have for President Obama.

I undoubtedly would love to see more concentration on the economy and our troops. Those are important to me as they are all Americans. Do I think this is the perfect time for this reform bill? Not really. But it doesn't change the fact that we need reform. And this is it.

Only time will tell if this plan will bite us in the ass, and I might be wrong for supporting it. While you may be able to see into the future, my magic 8 ball is telling me "Cannot Predict Now."

What it comes down to is this. A difference of opinions with a gap that will never be bridged. This time, I just happen to come down on the winning side. This will change eventually, and when it does I only hope that I can handle myself more appropriately and more respectfully than the majority of those that oppose this administration. I will do it with the open mindedness that I consider to be a very good thing, the kind of good thing that I hope to instill in my children so that they grow up to be understanding and sympathetic for those that may or may not be or think like them.

Now, I have finally said my peace on the matter, and I'm tired. So very tired of arguing this topic with people who fail to realize that it's not all or nothing. I can't argue with anyone who truly sees open mindedness as a bad thing. The head banging wall scenario has left me with a headache.

Comment or not, the next post you read from me will probably be about how 4 year olds inadequately wipe their asses, I'm getting back to the basics. You know, the things that really truly matter in life.

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