Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Things - Week 12

My new thing for this week comes back to food, do you see a pattern here? We had our monthly bookclub at one of my favorite restaurants. Whenever possible I order the lobster tacos because they are phenomenal, only they are so special, they are elusive most times. With them not having the lobster tacos on the specials menu (again,) I was forced to choose something else but didn't want my same ole, same ole, so I let the Server talk me into the crab enchiladas, they were also very tasty. Not as tasty as the Lobster, but very tasty indeed. If you are ever in the mood for some Crab Enchiladas and you find yourself at Cocina Superior, try them out, your taste buds will thank you - unless of course you passed on the lobster for the crab.

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