Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Well, You're Welcome Very Much...

Since the weather for the past couple of days has been warm not cold, I've been taking the girls out around lunchtime to let them play, get some fresh air and hopefully wear them out before naptime.

Yesterday, the Munchkin wanted to go on a bike ride, so I loaded the twins up in the wagon and off we went. We were going our usual route, around the block, nothing new, nothing tricky.

The street is pretty dead that time of day so I was letting the Munchkin have a little freedom to ride and she was having fun dodging all of the little gumball things that kept getting her wheels stuck. Just as she was making her left turn at the end of the street, she got a little uneven and started to tip over, she was headed face first to the pavement. In my haste to keep her from busting her face and teeth, I grabbed her with my closest hand which happened to be holding the garage door opener. In the process of saving her, her cheek caught the edge of the opener and scraped...

She wailed....

and wailed...

I picked her up and loved on her, asked her if she was ok, to which she replied, "Noooooooo, wahhhh... I'm not oooooookaaay!!! You scratched meeeeee" (maybe, but I also saved you, let's focus on the positive here, the neighbors are watching...)

I said I was sorry and that I was trying to save her from hurting herself on the pavement. To which she then replied.... "Next time don't try to save me"

Yeah? Well, you're welcome!


Anonymous said...

I laughed. I'm sorry. Sort of.

(What? Her comment was AWESOME!)

Christy said...

i laughed as well. but i also had envisions of a girl i was in grade school with who was riding her bike down a hill fell face first on the pavement...nooottt pretty. M will be thanking you later with just a minor scrape. but she is def too cute ;)

Michelle said...

Aren't kids awesome???

Anonymous said...


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