Friday, February 12, 2010

My Silly Valentine.

Today is obviously a "snow day" here in the deep south. We got up early fully expecting school to be cancelled, which would have been a travesty since it was Valentine Party Day and we spent the afternoon yesterday finishing up our treat bags...

School was not cancelled, so off we went, then of course around 10am, the school called to let me know they were closing at 11am. Not bad, I thought. I'm sure they had just enough time to squeeze in the valentine swap... I sure hoped so because I was counting on something she was bringing home to be my afternoon snack... Yes, I steal my child's candy.. Sue me.

I was just going through her bag and her cute little cards from her friends, when I noticed the card that she made at school. On the outside it was stamped with the letters L, O, V, E - not in that order... On the inside, it said:

"Love Is.... My Mommy, My whole family, and "Buddha"

I imagine it looking something like this when we're not around...

Happy Valentines Day
***photo courtesy of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Anonymous said...

Sweet :)

random_mommy said...

ALMOST CRYING OVER HERE!! He asked why that sign is in our yard, so I told him about electing leaders and what they are. His response? "My leader is Munchkin."

I love these kids!! They are what all tiny humans should be!

And, his card says "Love is... all my trucks." Hmmmph!

Christy said...

sooooo cute :)