Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My New Thing, Week 5

I had a couple of "New Things" to choose from this week, I decided to list the one that made me proud of my parenting skills!

I took all 3 of the girls to the park by myself. I’m really not a bad Mommy, I’ve taken them to the park before, but this time we went with no strollers, no wagons, no friends. It was just me, the girls and this very large play area. Luckily it wasn’t packed and I was able to manage a good 45 minutes before I thought I was going to have a panic attack. It was nice to prove to myself that I can do this whole parenting of multiples thing.

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Anonymous said...

That's HUGE! I can't even take my 2 kids to the grocery store-- and they have shopping carts! :)

Great job!

Anonymous said...

I've taken my then 3 year old and a friend's then 2 year old to the park alone along with my then 5 year old nephew. I survived. Somewhat.

Kid #2 isn't here yet and I already am doubting how I'm ever going to do anything like grocery shopping or other errands without needing to self-medicate with vodka when I get home.


Unknown said...

Just starting following you from SITS! Also a fellow mother of twins. I'm excited to keep up with your blog!

Anonymous said...

I've been hunting everywhere for this! Thank God I found your posting on Google.