Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Kids are Trying to Kill Me... Send Help.

What a day. We went to the John Mayer concert last night (more to come on that later) Husband and I went to dinner had a couple of drinks before the concert and I'm so thankful now that I'm not having to conquer this day with a hangover... I wanted to drink more, but responsibility was ringing in my ear last night, or maybe it was the that Mommy 6th sense..

It's noon, the girls woke up late (well the twins did anyway.) I've been parenting all 3 girls for roughly 3 hours today and so far....

"Mary Kate" dipped her Cliff bar in the toilet, swished it around and ate probably more than I care to know of it before I realized what the "Dip Dip" was she was talking about.

Someone then dumped a cup of water, maybe toilet water on the floor in the bathroom

I stepped in it with both socked feet

"Mary Kate" was found standing in the middle of the kitchen table..... again.

"Mary Kate" almost succeeded in getting her head stuck between the spindle on the staircase banister...

"Ashley" pulled the handle off of the screen on the fireplace

"Ashley" pulled one of the drawers completely out of the side table - sending herself flying backwards coming dangerously close to busting her head on the marble fireplace.

All 3 girls fought for more than an hour over the ONE Tigger stuffed animal that we own and no one EVER plays with.... until today.

"Mary Kate" dumped a box of Cheerios on the floor

They have all been cranky and the twins are teething (2 year molars, I think) I have been cranky because, well... See above. I'm entitled.


The Regal Pup said...

Hey! First time commenter here -

Love your blog. Anyhow, your day sounded crazy! Makes me feel a *little* bit better, now that I'm chasing my 9 month old all over the place!

Anonymous said...

Poor Mama :( All of that in such a short time frame entitles you to far more than just venting about it.

(I guess admitting I giggled at some of it would be grounds for an ass kicking, huh?)

Unknown said...

Sounds like you need an early bed time and a glass, I mean bottle, of wine. Watch some nice junky TV tonight and just chill! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you ever worry that potential babysisters might read your blog and have second thoughts? Or decide to charge extra? ;) (not us, though) 20 years from now you will be glad they kept you on your toes. They will keep you young.
Hugs to all,
Aunt J