Friday, February 26, 2010

Head Wound Harry's

There is no world in which I would evre be considered graceful and unfortunately that pesky apple hasn't fallen far from this tree..

In the past 24 hours we have endured 4 head wounds. No blood or stitches, nothing that could be considered major head trauma but shots to the head nonetheless.

The Munchkin, Grace numero uno.. Was upstairs playing "quietly" while her sisters napped. After a quick bathroom break she headed back up the stairs and ran smack into her doorknob, the lock catching her on her left eyebrow, the saddest part was that she knew that because her sisters were sleeping she couldn't make a rukus, so after hearing the thud (that sounded like she ran into it and it promptly knocked her on her ass) she came down crying silently, but obviously in pain. Me? I felt like an ass for making a big deal about her being mute during naptime.

Tonight while she was doing lord knows what in the bathroom for 20 minutes, I finally got tired of hearing "I'm coming, right now" only to have her never open the door. I finally went in after her and didn't know she was standing right behind the door, the doorknob caught her in the head again, the lock catching her forehead. I'm beginning to understand that being the same height as a doorknob must suck.

"Mary Kate" after waking up with a black eye from naptime a couple of weeks ago, has followed closely in the Munchkin's footsteps, only she likes to spice it up a little, not settling for doing the same thing twice. Yesterday while eating, she turned around backwards and flipped right out of her chair onto her head. Tonight, while walking across the dining room floor (which appears to be level) she fell over, I can't describe the move because I don't think it's ever been done before. I should trademark it, really. I literally watched her trip over a flat surface, do some crazy twist and land directly on her face. Her forehead taking the brunt of the incident.

My poor children. Battered and bruised without a chance in the world at ever being swan like, and to no fault of their own.

Bless their little hearts.


Mama Couch said...

My kids aren't any better. Lil man fell and hit his head on the bleachers at school last week and baby girl fell out of the uhaul tonight face first.. She scrapped her nose and forehead and he still has a small spot from his run in... Its touch to being little. :)

Anonymous said...

"F" and I laughed our heads off until we remembered that she is watching them Sat. Where is the nearest emergency room?
Much love,
Aunt J